Fr. Andrea Santoroa missionary killed in Turkey

Synod to vote for new Moscow-loyal Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan of Kyiv
Tonight Vladimir's successor will be chosen. The late primate passed away on 5 July. His replacement will receive the blessing of Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow. Many fear political meddling in the selection of candidates. Bishop Onufry, locum tenens of Kyiv, and Metropolitan Alexander, a friend of President Poroshenko, are among the leading contenders.
Pakistani refugee pleads for his compatriots not to be sent home to be killed
A Protestant pastor appeals on behalf of dozens of refugees seeking political asylum in Sri Lanka. Disregarding the request by the UN agency for refugees, Sri Lanka's government has begun deportation. At least 84 Pakistanis, 71 Afghans and 2 Iranians could be expelled.
Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue slams Islamic Caliphate crimes and barbarism
Caliphate militants are responsible for inhumane actions like public executions, humiliation of women, and terror towards Christians, Yezidis and members of other religions. The Vatican body calls on Islamic religious leaders and governments to condemn these crimes and prosecute their authors to boost their credibility and willingness to engage in dialogue. The goal is to strengthen the coexistence between Christians and Muslims that has lasted for centuries amid the ups and downs.
Patriarch of Baghdad: plight of Christians should inflict "pain" on consciences of mankind and institutions
The continued Islamic Caliphate violence against Christians and Yazidis. Reports of mass graves and the seizure of hundreds of women, dozens of dead dehydrated children. Appeals of Pope Francis against those who commit "hatred in the name of God". Appeals Mar Sako, who speaks of the "alarming" situation and judges Washington's position "disappointing".