China - NPC: the wounds of a "harmonious society"

29/04/2014 INDIA
For cloistered nun, the two canonised popes are united in their love for the Church
Sister Gemma Marie, prioress of the Discalced Carmelites in Mumbai, talks about Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II. "For us, each one was a familiar figure," she told AsiaNews. "They were popes of our time. We knew them. Their canonisation is a sign that saints live among us."
29/04/2014 SAUDI ARABIA
For Saudi grand mufti, crossing with a red light is a "mortal sin"
Citing the Qur'an, a fatwa is issued against unjust killing. Saudi Arabia has one of the highest rates of car accidents in the world, with an average of 17 fatalities per day.
28/04/2014 UZBEKISTAN
Under pressure from imams, Christians cannot be buried in state-owned cemeteries
In recent weeks, three cases have raised the issue of religious freedom in the Asian country. Muslim religious leaders have banned burials because non-Muslims "cannot be buried with Muslims." The authorities have ignored protests of relatives, who say that Uzbekistan is a secular state.
28/04/2014 IRAQ
Sako: "In 10 years there will only be a few thousand Christians left in Iraq"
The Christian community in Baghdad had 600 thousand faithful, now there are only 400 thousand in the whole country. The Chaldean Patriarch, Sako I: "Christians are those who suffer most from the upsurge in violence across Iraq".
28/04/2014 ITALY - VATICAN
The two Popes Saints united in mission to all peoples
Already in the inaugural Mass of his pontificate, Pope John , who as a young man wanted to enter PIME, said that the Pope's most important quality is his apostolic zeal towards those sheep who are not in Christ’s fold. And John Paul II wrote, "My travels in Latin America, Asia and Africa have a eminently missionary purpose".
25/04/2014 MALAYSIA
Going from Hinduism to Catholic conversion is not a change in religion but a radical change of heart
This is what Jason Jaysharmah, a Malaysian naval officer of Indian origin, said about his conversion. He encountered Jesus through his future wife, who taught him the basics of the catechism during long phone calls. She is "my book of faith." The forces of truth and love "led me to accept Christ."
25/04/2014 TAIWAN
DPP leader on hunger strike against new nuclear power plant
Lin Yi-xiong, who spent years in prisons under Kuomintang military rule, is not speaking and has not eaten for four days. Taiwan's President Ma and Prime Minister Jiang visited him. Urging him to end his protest, they stressed their commitment to a national referendum before the new plant goes operational.
25/04/2014 INDIA
The Church in India calls for freedom of expression for all
Card Oswald Gracias, archbishop of Mumbai, and other clergymen speak out against the reaction of Hindu nationalists to the principal of a Catholic college, a Jesuit priest who posted online his reflections on the so-called Gujarat model. In it, he calls on people to promote "human development" for everyone, and not only profits for the few.
25/04/2014 SAUDI ARABIA
YouTube to respect Islamic laws and customs
Content providers to the video-sharing website will have to follow "rules and conditions" that respect "the nature of society and laws", this according to president of the country's General Authority for Audiovisual Media, a move deemed "alarming, a threat for us," his according to a content producer.
24/04/2014 INDONESIA
Bogor: Christians appeal to new mayor to let Yasmin Church reopen
On 7 April, Bima Arya Sugiarto replaced controversial Mayor Diani Budiarto, who had the church closed. His decision, which violated a Constitutional Court ruling, was taken under pressures from Islamists. The new mayor now has to put "an end" to abuses against the Christian community, which this year celebrated Easter in the open air.