The Indian capital is covered in a thick layer of smog. The level of pollution is like smoking 50 cigarettes a day. The Indian Medical Association wants the half marathon planned for 19 November cancelled. Local companies have handed out masks to employees, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have not.

| 09/11/2017

He was operated in August after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Human rights groups slam Beijing for releasing activists a few weeks before their death.

| 09/11/2017

In response to a missile launched by Houthi rebels, the Saudi-led coalition has imposed a sea, land and air blockade on Yemen. Saudi pledge to allow entry to food and medicines has not yet been upheld. For the UN, the country faces the world’s biggest famine with the possibility of millions of victims. For MSF, humanitarian aid is crucial.

| 09/11/2017
by Mathias Hariyadi

Tensions can be reduced through good communications and mutual respect. Fr Felix Supranto relates his experience, highlighting three steps: commitment, desire and respect. Socialising with others can defeat "distorted" views. Catholics are urged to be "creative" and to leave their own "comfort zone".

| 09/11/2017

"We are all sinners: all. All of us".  Therefore we must purify ourselves continually. We must also purify the community: the diocesan community, the Christian community, the universal community of the Church. To make it grow. "

| 09/11/2017

Approval of some amendments that risk submitting the country to Sharia. It will be possible to lower the marriage age for girls to 12. Imbalance in rights of women and non-Muslims (especially for Christians and Sabean). Member of parliament for Mosul: New law drags the country back 100 years.

| 09/11/2017
by Shafique Khokhar

The two were accused of blasphemy. The government has a duty to protect its citizens, as enshrined in the Constitution. Their orphaned children are supported with love and care by the Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation.

| 09/11/2017

Colombo's archbishop wrote a letter to the president of Sri Lanka saying that children are too busy with classes and can no longer run and play.

| 09/11/2017

The UN’s International Organization supports the labor reforms promoted by Doha. It invites Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to follow its "positive" example. A moment of celebration "for Qatar and its two million migrant workers." Secretary General IUTC: a "new standard" established for the Gulf Countries.

| 09/11/2017

Nazrul Islam is from Bangladesh.  Five other criminals sentenced to 10 years for theft. The superior of the convent of the Religious of Jesus and Mary of Ranaghat forgives the aggressors.

| 09/11/2017
by Wang Zhicheng

Past criticisms almost forgotten. Trump appreciates Beijing's commitment on North Korea and criticizes previous US administrations for the imbalance in trade. Contracts signed for over US $ 250 billion. The exclusive visit and Beijing Opera performance in the Imperial Palace. And even the (usually forbidden) use of Twitter.

| 09/11/2017
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