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An independent investigation into police violence against protesters; the deletion of the definition of "revolt" for demonstrations that took place in the territory; the withdrawal of the extradition law. These are the demands expressed in an open letter asking the other Commissions of Justice and Peace in the world to support them with prayer and pressure on their rulers. All in the name of the social doctrine of the Church ("a law in contrast with reason is an unjust law and an act of violence" - Cfr Section 398, Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace).


The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism fled Lhasa during the 1959 uprising. Beijing considers him a "wolf in sheep's clothing". Like Xi Jinping, Donald Trump never asked to meet him.

| 27/06/2019

Trump's son-in-law illustrated the $ 50 billion plan for a prosperous future in the Middle East. Palestinian leader: "Insult to our intelligence". Dry also by the Lebanese premier. Applauded by Saudis and Israelis. Oman relaunches support for Palestinians and announces the opening of the embassy, ​​a first for a Gulf nation.

| 27/06/2019
by Paul Wang

More than 100, mostly young people, demonstrated this morning asking the Secretary of Justice to cancel the law. Yesterday evening, a demonstration of over 10 thousand people asked the G20 countries to pay attention to the situation in Hong Kong. In front of the police headquarters in Wan Chai, eggs thrown and graffiti on walls, in praise of freedom.

| 27/06/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The elderly patriarch, who broke away from the Moscow Patriarchate decades ago, ordained two bishops against Epifaniy. The ordination was censored. Altar servants and hypodeacons refused to take part in the "schismatic" service. Epifaniy stripped Filaret of its ecclesiastic responsibilities, but did not excommunicate him.

| 26/06/2019

The 31-year-old mother of four lived in a slum and did not go to school. She was raised with love by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians at Marialaya (Mary House). The nuns’ goal is "to restore human dignity” to street kids. Up to 18 million children live in the streets of India. The Catholic Church runs about 14,500 schools, high schools and universities.

| 26/06/2019
by Marian Demir

Since last May, AKP-controlled municipal assemblies can appoint heads of municipal trading companies, stripping mayors who won in March and June of some of their power. The AKP seeks to maintain at least its economic power. For Erdogan, "The people should never be cheated".

| 26/06/2019
by Mathias Hariyadi

In the capital, the trans community numbers about 8,000; almost 1,300 are Catholics or Protestants. The humanitarian arm of the local Church has undertaken various initiatives in pastoral outreach. The success of its projects drew the attention of the well-known Catholic businessman Irwan Hidayat.

| 26/06/2019

Trump’s punitive measures are hitting all levels of society. Fr Ryan, a Chaldean clergyman, talks about economic and cultural problems that threaten the future. Emigration is a problem Christians and Muslims share. Christians feel isolated and ask for a prayer for the whole country.

| 26/06/2019
by Melani Manel Perera

At least 176 children were orphaned or lost at least one parent. Teachers must be trained to recognise emotional distress. Classrooms should not have empty chairs in memory of victims. Instead, children should be able to leave messages to their dead friends in "memory boxes".

| 26/06/2019

In the Acts of the Apostles the church of Jerusalem is "the paradigm of every Christian community, as the icon of a fraternity that fascinates and that should neither be mythologized nor minimized". Our communities are "places to welcome and practice new life, works of solidarity and communion, places where liturgies are an encounter with God, which becomes communion with brothers and sisters".

| 26/06/2019

They demand the withdrawal of the controversial bill and the resignation of the head of the executive. About 1,500 people present their requests to almost 20 foreign offices and consulates in the Territory. Advertisements will appear in major foreign newspapers starting tomorrow and until June 29th.

| 26/06/2019
by Paul Wang

Court of Final Appeal rules Tsang's actions cannot be considered "criminal". The former Hong Kong governor thanked the Court, his wife Selina and his Catholic community who have always supported him.

| 26/06/2019

Trump's son-in-law illustrates $ 50 billion project to transform the region into a "business model". But no reference to political solutions. Israel favorable to the project. The Palestinian leadership boycott the appointment. Abbas: money is important, but politics even more.

| 26/06/2019

The pontiff will meet the atomic bomb survivors on the second day of his visit, which begins on November 23rd. Francis’ journey will be the second of a pontiff  to the Land of the Rising Sun, after John Paul II in February 1981. The fight against the proliferation of nuclear weapons is a very urgent topic for the Pope, given the US-North Korea and US -Iran tensions.

| 26/06/2019
Editor's choices
by Bernardo Cervellera
A document released by the Fujian authorities requires parish priests and religious personnel to ban minors from church and education; to refuse relations with foreign Catholics; to curb any momentum of evangelization. Meanwhile, the "Global Times" celebrates ...
| 25/06/2019
The diplomatic and commercial war between Tehran and Washington is bringing the population to its knees. Inflation has multiplied the price of consumer goods. People point the finger at the inefficiency and incompetence of government officials. But US ...
| 25/06/2019
by Kamel Abderrahmani
Baghdad wants to hang eleven French and one Tunisian nationals. Their fate has sparked a debate. Paris has confirmed that it has taken steps to prevent the sentence from being implemented. French lawyers have signed an appeal against their execution. ...
| 17/06/2019
The Myitstone dam would be the first to block the Irrawaddy River, the cradle of Myanmar civilization.  Beijing presses for the reopening of construction works.  The Kachin community is fighting to cancel the project. Card  Charles Maung ...
| 08/06/2019
by Paul Wang
Beijing wants the law to be approved "urgently" to allow the transfer of fugitives from Hong Kong to China. However, Chinese courts are not independent, and provide no guarantees for the human rights of the accused or for his right to a fair trial. Card ...
| 07/06/2019
For the end of Ramadan, the government is opening the area to the public. This is a "political" message for a "new era". For the Auxiliary of Baghdad, security has "improved" but must be guaranteed to everyone.
| 06/06/2019
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