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by Lee Cheuk-yan
One of Hong Kong's main political figures pleads guilty, but says he did no wrong. Political prisoners are pioneers of freedom. “I do not want to see Hong Kong rule[⒯] on the basis of such systemic violence.”
| 08/04/2021
by Yeung Sum
The pro-democracy activist justifies his participation in an unauthorised march with his commitment to freedom. Loving the homeland does not mean loving the Chinese Communist Party. The pro-democracy front will be on the side of the people and will insist ...
| 08/04/2021
by Bernardo Cervellera
Young people killed in Myanmar, oppressed in Bangkok, imprisoned in Hong Kong, with no prospects for the economic crisis ...Pope Francis’ long list of social "plagues". Easter is not a vague symbol or psychological consolation. Nor is it just a ...
| 06/04/2021
“In embracing the cross, Jesus bestowed meaning on our sufferings,” said Francis in his Easter message and Urbi et Orbi blessing. The pontiff expressed hope for people with COVID-19, the poor affected by the economic crisis, young people, ...
| 04/04/2021
by Bernardo Cervellera
Commentary on the Gospel of the Resurrection (John 20:1-9).
| 04/04/2021
Cases of new coronavirus are on the rise in the Strip, but the pandemic has not stopped the desire for participation. Once more, Israel has not granted any travel permits, using the health emergency to keep tight control. For Fr Romanelli, at a time ...
| 03/04/2021
by Fady Noun
Cardinal launches new attack o Shiite movement, the last obstacle to a position of "neutrality" in the interest of the country and its people. The dialogue between the president and the prime minister in charge renewed, with a view to forming a new government. ...
| 02/04/2021
by Vladimir Rozanskij
There are places where there has been no bread for over a month. The police must intervene to disperse the beggars from the streets. Often violent street fights between young people and little children over a piece of bread.
| 02/04/2021
Vangelo 11 Aprile
Christian nurses accused of blasphemy
The Seroja Cyclone 2
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