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by Vladimir Rozanskij
The Armenian president is in solitary confinement with severe symptoms of COVID-19. Total cases have reached 161,415 with 361 in one day at last count. Under Russian military protection, 50,000 Armenian refugees have returned to Nagorno-Karabakh in recent ...
| 09/01/2021
by Nirmala Carvalho
The “quote” is found in a syllabus designed to prepare for a national cow exam, raising fears that it might trigger violence against Christians, Adivasis, Dalits, and Muslims. Other claims include: earthquakes are caused by slaughtering cattle ...
| 09/01/2021
by Wang Zhicheng
The decision was taken despite the fact that religious activities have had “zero infections”. Strict measures and continuous controls have led many priests to close their churches at Christmas. On social media, Catholics are accused of spreading ...
| 09/01/2021
China and other hostile powers see the incident as a sign of the decline of US democracy. Hong Kong's pro-democracy activists are not the equivalent of Trump supporters. Dictatorships come out strengthened. About 70 per cent of Americans slams the ...
| 08/01/2021
by Shan Ren Shen Fu (山人神父)
Foreign faithful and missionaries are singled out as the source of the new Covid-19 epidemic in Hebei. In reality, the accused villages have no Christians and the Church's religious activities have been blocked since Christmas Eve. Like Nero, looking ...
| 08/01/2021
by Vladimir Rozanskij
The new apostolic administrator of Minks was auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Pinsk and he turned 75 last May. He too is a witness of the "silent" Church of the Soviet years. He attended clandestine seminaries and was a personal friend of the former ...
| 07/01/2021
The arrests were made under the national security law. The accused were charged with trying to force Hong Kong’s chief executive to resign and block government's activity. John Clancey, a former Maryknoll missionary, was also taken into custody. ...
| 06/01/2021
The local archdiocese held the event in lieu of decorations and celebrations. Blankets, towels and protective masks were handed out. For Bishop Mascarenhas, marginalised rickshaw pullers have to fight for their survival. Archbishop Toppo thanked God ...
| 04/01/2021
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