Measures will focus on schools and Armed Forces. Last year, the total fertility rate reached a record low of 0.98. For the Economy Minister, demographic challenges are a serious threat to growth. The government plans fewer soldiers in service, relying on drones and satellites. Fewer children in schools mean cuts in teacher education.

| 18/09/2019

The authorities announced their choice today. The animal symbolising the Games will be dressed in ice to honour the Winter Games. A red lantern will represent the Paralympics. Things will start in Beijing.


| 18/09/2019

With 92 per cent votes counted, Likud and the Blue and White party have 32 seats each, down over April vote. Lieberman will play a key role in forming the new government. For the outgoing PM, a fifth mandate appears a very distant possibility. Sobhy Makhoul calls for an end to Israel’s nation-state law and guarantees for equal rights for all citizens.

| 18/09/2019

At the general audience, Francis said that those who are "Strengthened by this covenant” with the Holy Spirit are not afraid of proclaiming the Gospel. “Think also today of today's empires,” the pontiff noted, “they will collapse, if God is not with them, because the strength that men have in themselves is not enduring.” The pope also made an appeal for World Alzheimer’s Day.

| 18/09/2019

According to the Prime Minister of Thailand, the information is needed to create a national database. About 90 per cent of Thais are Buddhists, although Muslims are the majority in three southern provinces bordering Malaysia. The request for information follows a series of explosions in Bangkok in August.

| 18/09/2019

Fr Binoy John was released for health reasons, but catechist Munna Hasda, who was arrested with him, remains in prison. About 3,000 tribal people demonstrate against the wreckage of a Jesuit college by radical Hindu nationalists.

| 18/09/2019

The circular ordered female students to cover themselves in order “to protect them from any unethical incident.” For Health Minister, “The veil is part of our religion but cannot be forced”.

| 18/09/2019

Yesterday, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and his entourage visited Muslims and Hindus from Yangon. According to analysts, the Army is trying to clean up its image after the Rohingya crisis. In 2020, Myanmar citizens will take part in the second elections since the end of the dictatorship.

| 18/09/2019
by Bernardo Cervellera

The government fears that there could be tensions and incidents due to the growing anti-China sentiment. Planned protests of the anti-extradition movement at the race track aimed at Junius Ho, who congratulated members the of Yuan Long triads for beating up young demonstrators and passers-by.

| 18/09/2019

Saudis claim they have evidence of Tehran's “involvement” in the operation. The attacks included cruise missiles and drones, indicating a high degree of complexity and sophistication. Pompeo travels to Riyadh and Abi Dhabi. US president is waiting results of the investigation to draw up an action plan.

| 18/09/2019
by Sumon Corraya

An ethnic Orao, the Salesian nun hails from the Diocese of Mymensingh and has always served economic migrants in the big cities. She organises catechism lessons for workers' children, talks to employers to let their workers to attend Sunday Mass, and visits the most remote hill areas.

| 18/09/2019
Vatican, canonization Mass of St. Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan
The Extraordinary Missionary Month in the Archdiocese of Calcutta
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