After months of silence, IS leader spoke, calling for strengthening military action and Jihadi propaganda. For Fr Paul, his words have not had any "vast echo". Everyone hopes to return to “normal". For this to happen, patience, courage and faith are needed.

| 17/09/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

Under new Foreign Contribution Registration Rules, members of NGOs must make a notarised statement. For Sajan K George, the goal is to hit Christian minority organisations.

| 17/09/2019
by Felix Machado*

The Archbishop of Vasai supports the ‘Document on Human Fraternity’ signed in Abu Dhabi. Asserting the importance of dialogue between religions "does not mean renouncing one's own identity". Pope Francis "is not changing any Catholic doctrine". At the same time, “The encounter with the religious other is an undeniable reality and it is important to insist on listening to the experience of the other.”


| 17/09/2019
by Mathias Hariyadi

Fires have been raging in the Indonesia for more than a month, fuelled by the dry season. Indonesia’s president visited Riau province, the most affected along with Kalimantan. “We have all the means to deal with this disaster, but some have not yet performed as well as they should," the president said.

| 17/09/2019

"Often human language is indifference. I will get involved up to here but then I won’t think about it any further ". "Compassion takes us to the path of true justice. We must always give back to those who have a certain right, and this always saves us from selfishness, from indifference, from the closure of ourselves".

| 17/09/2019
by Tran Hung

Many Vietnamese are upset because the authorities resort far too often to "administrative sanctions" instead of prison. They are critical of the extradition agreement signed by Hanoi and Beijing in 2015. For many, national sovereignty is at stake.


| 17/09/2019

There is no vaccine or cure for the animal disease. The authorities have ordered the suppression of about 4 thousand pigs as a precaution. The epidemic originated in China and has spread to neighboring countries: Mongolia and Vietnam among the most affected.


| 17/09/2019

In yesterday's meeting in Ankara Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani called for "lasting" ways to end the conflict. The Turkish president calls for a greater assumption of "responsibility". The humanitarian issue and the fears of a new wave of refugees. Moscow worried by a new rise of ISIS.

| 17/09/2019

The attackers are blamed for damage to places of worship, revolt and complicity. None of these offenses provides for the death penalty. The Hindu principal accused of blasphemy, which the radicals wanted to punish, risks the death sentence instead. Another 150 people investigated for blocking the streets.

| 17/09/2019
by Bernardo Cervellera

The Police Association considers the Molotovs life threatening. According to the demonstrators, Hong Kong is slipping into a police state. Every day there is a police press conference, while the governor is silent. Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi, together with Xi Jinping over Macau. Hong Kong crisis treated as a "national security" issue..

| 17/09/2019
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