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by Bernardo Cervellera
The pandemic emergency, far from under control, forces priests to celebrate mass without the people. On the night of the resurrection the tomb in Jerusalem was dominated by the same silence and lack of participants. The world resembles one great tomb ...
| 06/04/2020
Fr. Huang Jintong, 60, does not want to sign up for membership in the "independent Church". He will be held for about a month. At least 6 parishes have been closed. Archbishop Guo Xijin forced to live without water, electricity and gas.
| 06/04/2020
by Nirmala Carvalho
Ashfaq Alamis, 43, and his mother-in-law Fazila Bibi, 62, are unemployed, without money or food. They risk being evicted. The country's "lockdown" has created a flood of 120 million jobless migrants. "My dignity has also been taken away from me." ...
| 03/04/2020
With her, the list of regime critics has been incommunicado during the crisis is getting longer. There is also no news about the billionaire who called Xi Jinping a "clown", and a student from Shandong who told China’s president to resign. Xu Zhiyong, ...
| 03/04/2020
by Shafique Khokhar
Due to government restrictions, he was fired and fell ill. He worked on a gas pump and earned 600-700 rupees / less than $ 5 a day. Post mortem reveals he was not suffering from coronavirus. But the family didn't have the money to go to the doctor. ...
| 03/04/2020
by Nirmala Carvalho
Millions of people made unemployed, return to their villages of origin. Premier Modi apologizes for the difficulties caused by the total blockade. Parishes, dioceses and Christian associations assist migrants, Dalits and refugees. Priest: "They call ...
| 30/03/2020
by Papa Francesco
The pontiff holds an "extraordinary moment of prayer" for the end of the coronavirus epidemic. "The Lord asks us and, in the midst of our tempest,” urges to show solidarity and have hope, above all to be converted. “It is a time to get our ...
| 27/03/2020
Many experts concur that the South Korean model of tracing and tracking the coronavirus emergency is a model to be emulated. The bishop of Daejeon praises the actions of the authorities and praises the citizens' response. "They showed great love ...
| 27/03/2020
Bekaa Syrian refugee set himself alight
China-Holy See Mindong II
China-Holy See Mindong I

Easter is the feast

of tombstones taken away,

rocks rolled aside.

God takes away even the hardest stones

against which

our hopes and expectations crash:

death, sin,

fear, worldliness.


(Pope Francis)

AsiaNews wishes all of our friends and readers a very Happy Easter 2020
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