The fourth victim is an 89-year-old man who lived in Wuhan, the epicenter of the infection. Another 15 medical workers who treated infected patients are hospitalized with the same symptoms. Worldwide countries have airport checks on flights from China.

| 21/01/2020

Police allowed him to spend the holidays with his very elderly sister. Since 2007 the bishop has been under police control and in solitary confinement.

| 20/01/2020
by Paul Wang

The meeting was organized by the Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team. Four policemen were injured; eight protesters arrested; the organizer, Ventus Lau, also arrested. The frustration with the request for universal suffrage expressed since 2007: "Has the government ever listened to us?". Clashes also in Mong Kok.

| 20/01/2020
by Wang Zhicheng

The victim is a 35-year-old woman who visited Wuhan, considered the epicenter of the infection. In addition to South Korea and China, there are infected in Japan and Thailand. Over 130 new infections and one more death in Wuhan. Infections revealed in Beijing, Shenzhen and Zhejiang. The fear of a new Sars.

| 20/01/2020

The mysterious new coronavirus has infected at least 1,700 people in Asia, research shows. The US issues a warning against travel in central China. Concerns have been raised about the upcoming Lunar New Year, a period with the largest mass movement in the world.

| 18/01/2020

In 2019 there were 14.65 million newborns: 580 thousand less than in 2018. The total population remains stable at 1.4 billion; the number of elderly people increases. The reduced number of births is the product of the "one-child policy" that has been in existence for nearly 40 years. Pregnancies disadvantageous for various reasons, including job competition, high rents and education costs.

| 17/01/2020
by Wang Zhicheng

For the first time, per capita GDP over 10 thousand US dollars. Government investment in infrastructure and private investment in property are down; industrial production and retail sales are rising.


| 17/01/2020

The two governments will sign dozens of economic agreements. Naypyidaw represents a crucial junction for the Chinese "two oceans" strategy. Many Burmese, including even army generals, have developed a deep fear of China. It is widely believed that China wants a weak and unstable Myanmar in order to maintain control and influence.

| 17/01/2020
by Bernardo Cervellera

At least five parishes have been closed, with electricity and water supplies cut off. These include Fuan, Saiqi and Suanfeng. "Fire safety" measures given as a justification, an excuse for persecution. Some priests have been kicked out. A home for the elderly kept by the nuns is also closed. Of the thirty guests, some are hosted by relatives, others are homeless. Official bishop Zhan Silu bypassed by the United Front. Some priests speak of Holy See’s having “too lightly” signed to the agreement.

| 16/01/2020

The Taiwanese president acts as a bulwark for Taiwan's liberal values ​​against mainland interference. Beijing claims the island. For China’s foreign minister, elections do not change the principle of one China.

| 14/01/2020

The Social Welfare Council is examining a new political strategy in foreign policy on balancing relations with neighboring powers. On the border with India there are several Islamic madrassas funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. China fears the movements of the Tibetans.



| 13/01/2020

China is promoting the "Sanxin Huodong" campaign to force members of Muslim minorities to abandon rugs and cushions in favour of sofas, beds and desks. Those who do not follow the directives risk being labelled "religious extremists" and locked up in notorious "training centres".

| 10/01/2020

The new coronavirus strain has infected so far 59 people in Wuhan, a city in central China. No deaths have been reported and eight patients have been discharged from the hospital. Researchers still have to determine which animal is the source of the virus, its incubation period and the transmission route. A vaccine may take years.

| 09/01/2020

A new directive came into force whereby “Teaching materials in primary and secondary schools must reflect the will of the party and the state”. In Tibet, the authorities order families to keep their children away from religious activities during the winter school break.

| 08/01/2020
La Vang
Fuan, China
Saiqi, China
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