01/02/2021 MYANMAR
State of emergency and military takes power. Aung San Suu Kyi and Win Myint arrested

Soldiers control the country; internet and phones blocked. The coup d'état comes after the stunning victory of Aung San Suu Kyi's party, the National League for Democracy (NLD) in the elections last November. The army claims fraud. The military will force new elections within a month. The UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, condemns the detentions carried out by the military. United States issues condemnation, China keeps it silence.

02/02/2021 MYANMAR
National League for Democracy and Western leaders tell military to free Aung San Suu Kyi

Calm returns to the streets after yesterday's coup. General Min Aung Hlaing forms the new government. Analysts: the coup dictated by the personal interests of the army chief. Washington threatens sanctions. Tokyo: Keep the channels open so as not to hand Naypyidaw over to China.

03/02/2021 CHINA - MYANMAR
Beijing blocks UN condemnation of Myanmar coup

The document backed by the US, Great Britain and France called for the restoration of democracy and the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners. Moscow in support of Chinese. China woos the Naypyidaw Armed Forces. Fears in the West that Myanmar will fall into the Chinese orbit.

03/02/2021 MYANMAR
First signs of grassroots protest against Myanmar coup

Yangon residents shout “Long live Mother Suu”. Doctors go on strike in 70 hospitals. Suu Kyi is under arrest because she owns imported radios. A well-known Buddhist monk was also taken into custody. The US is trying to open channels of communication with the military. Japan and India could mediate.

03/02/2021 MYANMAR
Card Charles Bo: Peace is possible. Peace is the only way. Democracy is the only light to that path.

The Archbishop of Yangon and president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar urges everyone to use non-violence because “we have shed enough blood”. For  him, the coup d'état is the result of a lack of communication; for this reason, the military and Aung San Suu Kyi's party must resume the path of dialogue. The prelate calls on the international community not to impose sanctions, which would create millions of poor. The path of reconciliation is the only one viable.

04/02/2021 MYANMAR
Apparent 'normality': only Facebook is blocked

The only signs of protest are banging pots and pans, bell ringing, people shouting, medical staff on strike. Otherwise, life goes on like before. UN Secretary General hopes the coup d'état will fail.

05/02/2021 MYANMAR
Military coup: hundreds of students and teachers protest in Yangon

They are gathered in front of Dagon University. UN Security Council: Free political prisoners. Asean: Return to the democratic path. Card. Charles Bo announces a day of prayer and fasting. Experts: block investments in sectors controlled by the military.

06/02/2021 MYANMAR
Protests are growing as military grip on the Internet tightens

Protesters rally near Yangon University and roam the streets on motorcycles. After Facebook, Myanmar authorities block Twitter and Instagram. UN Special Envoy Christine Schraner Burgener is travelling to the Asian country. The junta tries to reassure foreign ambassadors and invites them to work with them.

08/02/2021 MYANMAR
Demonstrations throughout Myanmar: 'No to the dictatorship!' (PHOTO)

Tens of thousands of demonstrators in many cities. Tensions only in Naypyidaw. In Mandalay, the bishop of the city went out on the street to support the demonstrators, taking up the three finger salute. Criticism of Card. Bo for his "overly neutral" and benevolent letter to the military. The Pope’s appeal broadcast, but the faithful want "a clearer declaration".

09/02/2021 MYANMAR
Pro-democracy priests, nuns and seminarians march in Yangon. Bishops withhold support

Demonstrations continue, despite junta prohibitions. Fire hydrants and rubber bullets used on demonstrators in Naypyidaw. In Yangon, two demonstrators hit by a police car. Bishops forbid priests and nuns to display and use Catholic symbols. "Shameful" directive. One nun: "We follow the social doctrine of the Church and the encyclical of Pope Francis Laudato si '".

09/02/2021 MYANMAR
Sisters of the Good Shepherd are united with the people for the future of Myanmar

The coup d'état is disrupting the country’s development, but also the missionary and social activities of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, who care for girls, seniors and the sick. The military dictatorship will increase poverty. The Sisters decided to stand with the people in the name of the social doctrine of the Church and Pope Francis 'Laudato si'.

10/02/2021 MYANMAR
Naypyidaw, two people shot in protests. Bishops reconsider their position

According to doctors who treated the wounded, the military used live ammunition. More demonstrations today. Sit-ins in front of the embassy of China, considered "too friendly" towards junta. Bishops remove their directive banning religious personnel from participating in demonstrations. "What is the Church doing when people are arrested and persecuted for no reason?". The condemnation of the USA and the UN.

11/02/2021 MYANMAR
Buddhists and Christians: demonstrations, processions, prayers for peace and against the coup (PHOTO)

Buddhist monks in Pegu and Pakokku pray and march to protect the people from darkness. In Kengtung, Christians in procession with the statue of Our Lady. In Mandalay, the bishop's evening of prayer with priests and sisters. The religious of Saint Joseph of the Apparition distribute food and beverages to the demonstrators. The junta continues with the arrests of democratic personalities. Charges against the Chinese embassy of importing weapons for the junta. Biden launches new sanctions against generals.

12/02/2021 MYANMAR
The 'outward moving Church' in Pathein and Yangon to defend democracy (PHOTO)

​For priests, seminarians and nuns, the pahrase often used by Pope Francis is the reason for their public demonstrations. Tens of thousands of people in Pathein are calling for an end to the dictatorship and the release of "our leaders". The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition demonstrating in front of the Chinese embassy in Yangon.

13/02/2021 MYANMAR
Protesters in Yangon: the dictatorships of the world are against the people

The UN Commission for Human Rights calls for the release of democratically elected political leaders and guarantees of freedom of speech. The resolution was passed unanimously, but China, Russia, the Philippines, Venezuela and Bolivia are distancing themselves. The demonstrations by the entire population from across the generations, including "generation Z".

14/02/2021 MYANMAR
Yangon: These people deserve respect and support

The military coup is strengthening solidarity among all sections of the population, even between police and military. Aung San Suu Kyi also deserves respect. Europe does not understand Myanmar and its hope. The testimony of a humanitarian worker for 30 years in Southeast Asia.

15/02/2021 MYANMAR
Yangon: Growing repression is not stopping the resistance

Tanks and armoured vehicles are patrolling the main streets. Today, engineering and technology students rallied north of Yangon. Soldiers drag to work people involved in civil disobedience. The human rights provisions of Myanmar’s constitution have been suspended. Soldiers can arrest and search without a warrant, and keep people in prison for more than 48 hours. Aung San Suu Kyi's trial postponed for two days.

16/02/2021 MYANMAR
Naypyidaw: Protests undermine stability and create fear

The army claim democracy demonstrators are the real danger. The UN warns the junta about the "severe consequences" of actions against the people and demands that the right of assembly be guaranteed without reprisals. Criticism of Card. Bo from Yangon and his party with a pink cake. Internet taken down for a few hours.

17/02/2021 MYANMAR
Yangon, streets blocked by demonstrators. Charges against Aung San Suu Kyi are growing

In several cities, apparently broken-down cars block traffic on roads and bridges. The "Lady" is also accused of having violated a law on the management of natural disasters, i.e. the anti-Covid directives. China accused of sending Chinese soldiers to fight the population. Fears of a civil war. Violence is growing.

20/02/2021 MYANMAR
First coup-related death as sanctions hit generals

Mya Thwate Thwate Kaing died yesterday after being wounded by police in Naypyidaw. The United Kingdom imposes sanctions on three generals; Canada on nine officials. The United States, India, Japan and Australia are demanding a quick return to democracy. Protesters take to the streets in Yangon and Myitkyina.


22/02/2021 MYANMAR
General strike against the coup. At least 4 dead

Hundreds of thousands of people in Yangon, Mandalay and other cities. Yesterday other demonstrations in Myitkyina, Monywa, Pagan, Dawei, Myeik, Lashio. Priests, nuns, Christian faithful demonstrated in Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggu, Loikaw, Kengtung. Singapore also condemns violence and demands a return to democracy.

22/02/2021 MYANMAR
Bishops of Myanmar: Appeal to all parties for peace and reconciliation

10 bishops issue a message: calls for no bloodshed and a return to dialogue and hope for democracy. A pressing invitation to reconciliation, in unity with Buddhists.

23/02/2021 MYANMAR
G7, EU, Malaysia, Indonesia increasingly critical of Myanmar coup

The G7 group condemns the military violence, calls for the release of political prisoners and supports the "demand for democracy and freedom" of the population. The EU has decided on targeted sanctions and the blocking of humanitarian aid to Naypyidaw government. Indonesia’s U-turn (which "supports the people of Myanmar"). A Malaysian court stops the repatriation of 1,200 illegal migrants, some in need of the right to asylum.

24/02/2021 MALAYSIA
Mockery of court and UN: Kuala Lumpur repatriates 1,086 refugees to Myanmar

The court had asked to delay the repatriation. The UN had asked for a check for the presence of political refugees and asylum seekers. For more than a year, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has not been allowed to visit migrant detention centres.

24/02/2021 MYANMAR
Protesters target foreign embassies, including Indonesia’s

A multi-ethnic rally was held today to show the international community that Myanmar’s many ethnic groups can live together without harsh military rule  Indonesia's foreign minister, Ratno Marsudi, scarps a visit to Myanmar. Protesters gathered in front of the Italian Embassy.

25/02/2021 MYANMAR
Yangon, clashes with pro-army groups: 'paid for by the junta'

Clashes with residents took place at the Sule pagoda and at the central station. At least 30 junta thugs were handed over to the police. A Democrat demonstrator died in prison yesterday. A man died while patrolling his neighbourhood to prevent arrests of protesters.

26/02/2021 MYANMAR
Public sector strike shakes military junta (PHOTOS)

Myanmar’s civil society goes on strike: doctors, health staff, teachers, students, bank employees, private sector workers, railway employees, dockworkers. According to the UN rapporteur on Myanmar, three-quarters of state employees are on strike. The junta could be dragged down by economic collapse. Police carry out night arrests, detain protesters. Catholic nuns and Buddhist monks support protesters. A Japanese journalist is arrested. Indonesian minister calls for respect the wishes of the people of Myanmar.

27/02/2021 MYANMAR
More protests in Yangon as appeal to world leaders against coup launched at UN

The Mon march together with other ethnic groups in the economic capital. Three reporters detained. Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun calls on the international community to "stop the military coup". UN envoy Christine Schraner Burgener warns every country against recognizing the junta regime.

28/02/2021 MYANMAR
Marches continue after two killed, one a pregnant mother, dozens seriously wounded (PHOTOS)

The woman killed was a teacher who demonstrated.  Demonstrations also in Mandalay, in Lashio (Shan State), in Myitkyina (Kachin State).  In Mandalay there are Catholic and Buddhist parades.  In Myitkyina a nun pleaded alone in front of the military.  The new junta fires the Burmese ambassador to the UN, Kyaw Moe Tun, who has asked for the help of the international community.




01/03/2021 MYANMAR
Protests do not stop as UN reports 18 killed and over 30 injured

Demonstrations in Yangon and Lashio. The UN condemns the use of lethal bullets, tear gas and stun grenades against protesters. Aung San Suu Kyi in court. A Yangon police chief, Tin Min Tun, says he "does not want to serve under the present military regime." Tom Andrews, UN human rights expert in Myanmar: Words are insufficient. Action must be taken.

04/03/2021 MYANMAR
UN reports at least 38 killed on Myanmar’s bloodiest day (FOTO-VIDEO)

Warning: the article contains images of extreme violence that could shock and disturb readers. Soldiers and police use lethal bullets and fire indiscriminately on the crowd without warning. According to some witnesses, light machine guns were also used. Three emergency paramedics brutally beaten by police. UN Security Council meets tomorrow as junta reveals contempt: "We are used to sanctions".