Outbreak of novel coronavirus Covid-19

29/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope calls for ‘global ceasefire’ during pandemic

At the Angelus, Pope Francis joins the UN secretary general’s appeal because "in countries at war, health systems have collapsed and already reduced health personnel, have often been targeted". A renewed commitment to overcoming rivalries. “Conflicts are not resolved through war!”. Prayer for the sick in nursing homes, for barracks, for prisoners. The explosive problem of overcrowding in prisons. "God's answer to the problem of death is Jesus: 'I am the resurrection and the life'." The Christian is "a reflection of the love and tenderness of God, who frees from death and gifts the victory of life!"

29/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: Lord, may I cry with you, cry with your people who are suffering at this time

During mass in the Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis prayed for those who weep: “isolated people, people in quarantine; the elderly alone; hospitalized people and people in therapy; parents who see that since there is no salary, they will not be able to feed their children. " Ask for "the grace to cry", like "Jesus who was not ashamed to cry".

28/03/2020 CHINA
Clashes and protests: Hubei residents rejected by Jiangxi for fear of epidemic

Thousands clash with the police who repel people from Hubei over suspicions, they are still infected with the coronavirus. Authorities have lifted Hubei from isolation, but checkpoints and controls are still operative in many places. Mistrust in official propaganda, which proclaims that the epidemic has been eradicated.

28/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope calls on priests and religious to help those who are hungry for the epidemic

"We pray for families who are beginning to feel the need because of the pandemic." “I often think: they are good people - priests, nuns - who lack the courage to go and serve the poor. Something is missing. What these people were missing, the doctors of the Law. They lost their memory, they lost what Jesus felt in his heart: that he was part of his own people ".

28/03/2020 MALAYSIA
Covid-19, Kuala Lumpur: 'Rice reserves for two and a half months'

Vietnam has suspended cereal exports to protect domestic consumption. Malaysia is the 22nd largest consumer in the world. Imports cover between 30% and 40% of domestic need. Kuala Lumpur has stockpiles of 59 million chickens, 800 million eggs, enough meat and fish.

28/03/2020 INDIA
Delhi on lockdown, the coronavirus, an opportunity to 'cultivate our relationship with God'

We speak to the former president of the young Catholics of India. The uncertainty of daily life, the impossibility of going out, concerns ahead of Holy Week. Online Masses a good development, but "we need to rediscover the dimension of personal prayer".

27/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope calls on the Lord not to leave us at the mercy of the coronavirus storm

The pontiff holds an "extraordinary moment of prayer" for the end of the coronavirus epidemic. "The Lord asks us and, in the midst of our tempest,” urges to show solidarity and have hope, above all to be converted. “It is a time to get our lives back on track with regard to” the Lord and others.

Xi, Trump talk about joining forces against coronavirus

The two leaders spoke on the phone. Washington and Beijing already share experiences and information to fight the COVID-19. Until recently, the US blamed the Chinese for the epidemic. For China’s ambassador to the United States, only a madman" can claim that the coronavirus was produced in a US military laboratory. Xi calls for the removal of tariff barriers. US-Chinese confrontation continues in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.

27/03/2020 INDONESIA
Holy Week Masses to be broadcast by state media

Celebrations with people have been suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak. Three private TV channels will broadcast religious services live. Meetings and negotiations between the authorities and the Catholic association Komunitas Universal (KU) were crucial. Indonesian Catholics will not miss the universal prayer and Urbi et Orbi blessing tonight.


27/03/2020 HOLY LAND
Abp. Pizzaballa: Coronavirus points to human limitations, awakens search for God

The apostolic administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem reflects on how the emergency has awakened the desire to "seek something more profound". The wish to keep the Holy Sepulchre open for functions, in compliance with the rules. The work of priests for families in need. Reviewing relationships, rethinking relationships.

27/03/2020 SOUTH KOREA
Archbishop You: South Koreans united, hope amid the coronavirus

Many experts concur that the South Korean model of tracing and tracking the coronavirus emergency is a model to be emulated. The bishop of Daejeon praises the actions of the authorities and praises the citizens' response. "They showed great love of neighbor. It was deeply moving to see so many volunteers go to Daegu." The Church expects to resume public masses on April 6, Monday of Holy Week.

27/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: Let’s thank God that some people are helping others amid the epidemic

The devil is responsible for the cruelty against the righteous and for anti-Christian persecution. “Let us think of how the devil treated Jesus with cruelty, but also persecuted Christians; how he tried the most sophisticated means to lead them to apostasy, to move away from God. This is, as we say in everyday language, diabolical; indeed, [it is a] diabolical mind.”

27/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Beijing closes borders. Industrial profits plummet

From midnight today, entry for foreign nationals prohibited. However, 90% of the imported cases concern Chinese citizens. Air routes to and from the country have also been reduced. Chinese civil aviation lost € 2.7 billion in February. The profits of the big industry fall by 38.3% in the first two months of 2020. Danger of new infections in companies that reopen.

27/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan, endless queues for ashes of coronavirus dead cast doubts on numbers

During the epidemic, the dead were cremated immediately, without ceremonies and without specifying the cause of death. Now family members are waiting to bury the urns containing the ashes of their loved ones. About 45,000 urnes will be distributed in Wuhan alone. The number of coronavirus deaths in China is deliberately underestimated. In the days of the peak of the epidemic, the crematory ovens worked for 19 hours a day. Journalists Li Zehua, Fang Bin, Chen Qiushi have disappeared. Photos and videos of queues at Funeral Parlors and cemeteries are blocked on social media.

26/03/2020 SOUTH KOREA
Coronavirus: the 'Korea model' seems the most effective (video)

Most economic activities never stopped. No part of the country was quarantined. Quick response with systematic testing, rigorous quarantine and civic engagement are the keys to the government’s success. As the number of new infections drops, the country is closer to getting back to normal.

26/03/2020 SINGAPORE – ASIA
Singapore: US$ 33.7 billion stimulus to counter the effects of the COVID-19 virus

Singapore’s plan is the largest in Asia, drawing US billion from the country’s national reserves. The local economy contracted 2.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year. Japan is considering a US0 billion stimulus. China plans investments but has not provided details.

26/03/2020 HOLY LAND
Coronavirus: Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem open only for services without pilgrims

Armenian, Latin and Greek Orthodox Churches will continue regular celebrations. This follows yesterday’s decision by Israel to close the church to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For Christian leaders, it is time “to intensify” prayers whilst protecting people's health.

26/03/2020 VATICAN
No Via Crucis at the Colosseum, no foot washing for the Pope this year

The Congregation for Divine Worship issued a decree with "general indications" for Holy Week celebrations. Services will be held without people. “Means of live (not recorded) telematic broadcasts can be of help.”


26/03/2020 PAKISTAN
Lahore: sanitation workers working without masks at risk of contagion

About 80-90 per cent of sanitation workers are Christian as few other jobs are available to them. The government does not provide them with the safety gear needed to do their work. Women work barefoot. Sanitation workers do not use gloves to empty sewers or manholes. They deserve as much respect asd doctors and paramedical staff. Doctors in Punjab refuse to work for lack of protective measures.

26/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: May the Lord help us trust and overcome today’s fears

“Idolatry leads people towards the wrong religiosity; indeed, many times worldliness, which is a [form of] idolatry, makes people turn the celebration of a sacrament into a worldly feast.” Like a wedding. “People don’t know if it is a sacrament – where newlyweds really give their all, love each other before God, promise to be faithful before God, and receive the grace of God – or a catwalk of models” centred on “how they are dressed, one and the other”.

26/03/2020 CHINA - ASIA
Coronavirus: patients recovered and re-infected in Wuhan. The infection shows no signs of slowing in Asia

Between 3% and 10% of patients who had recovered in the capital of Hubei have contracted the virus again. The problem of asymptomatics. New case of infection in Wuhan. The Malaysian royals are quarantined. Singapore researchers develop a five-minute test.

26/03/2020 CENTRAL ASIA
Central Asia caught in the coronavirus whirlwind

Kazakhstan announces 49 cases; Kyrgyzstan 42; Uzbekistan 55. Quarantine, military control and economic aid. Nur-Sultan promises 300 billion tenge (about 700 million dollars) to create 200 thousand new jobs. In Almaty car processions with the relic of the Cross and of saints Nicholas and Luka Vojno-Jasenetskij.

25/03/2020 INDIA
For Indian doctor, if the virus reaches the countryside it would be a nightmare

In India, the Covid-19 test costs too much: US. The country is unable to apply WHO health directives. There are not enough public laboratories. Private ones should be involved, but first they need to be prepared. Quarantine, social distancing and innate immunity could help isolate the infection.

25/03/2020 CHINA – EUROPE
EU leaders fear Beijing's 'coronavirus diplomacy'

The battle against COVID-10 has a geopolitical component. China is using aid to discredit the US and gain influence. The “Health Silk Road” is a tool to weaken European unity. With the EU, Xi uses the same strategy used in the South China Sea. However, Beijing's plans will fall on deaf ears unless the economy recovers in a major way.


25/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: The Our Father of the world’s Christians to ask for an end to the epidemic

The Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Conference of European Churches (KEK), the ecumenical association of Christian Churches of Europe participated in the initiative, proposed by Francis.

25/03/2020 ISLAM
Islamists angry over mosque closures, use COVID-19 as a propaganda tool

At first radical Muslims claimed that the epidemic was a sign of Allah's anger and punishment. Now they claim the virus is a test of faith. If “such characters, such obscurantists with dark ideas, intervene and interfere in such sensitive issues with impunity it is because the state does not do its duty, that of protecting people.”

25/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: the epidemic highlights the unique value of every human life

The 25th anniversary of John Paul II's encyclical Evangelium vitae was at the center of Francis' catechesis for the general audience. "he life that we are called to promote and defend is not an abstract concept, but always manifests itself in a person in the flesh: a newly conceived child, a poor outcast, a sick person who is alone and discouraged or in a terminal state, one who has lost his job or cannot find one, a rejected or ghettoized migrant...".

25/03/2020 LEBANON - VATICAN
'Around Mary', Lebanese Christians and Muslims join Pope to pray for end of epidemic

For Nagi el-Khoury, the global emergency is a call to unity and prayer. Some dioceses will ring the bells. The Adyan Foundation invites all the faithful to join the celebrations and light a candle on the balcony. A special thought for doctors, nurses and paramedics.

25/03/2020 ASIA
ASIA Coronavirus: 'return' cases and quarantine measures increase

All new cases in China are from people coming from abroad. Hong Kong closes its borders. Without the Olympics, Japan will lose 267 billion euros in the next 10 years. Quarantine ends for 361 Taiwanese evacuated from Wuhan. New restrictive measures in South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and India.

25/03/2020 INDIA - VATICAN
India, Orthodox Christians and Protestants in prayer with Pope Francis at 12 noon

The National Council of Churches in India and the Indian Evangelical Alliance have taken up the pontiff's invitation. Felix Machado: "People are terrified and anxious; the situation asks us to witness a profound faith". Rev. Vijayesh Lal, EFI secretary general: “We ask all communities to pray and take care of the elderly and unemployed people”.

25/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: Let us pray for the Sisters who risk their lives to care for the sick

Francis mentions the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul who have been running a dispensary for needy families in the Vatican for 98 years.

24/03/2020 YEMEN
Vicar of Arabia: coronavirus will have a devastating impact in Yemen

Bishop Hinder speaks about the possible impact of the COVID-19 virus on a country battered by five years of war, with no health facilities to stem the epidemic. The war is making many young people "sad and depressed”; more than half are afraid of "playing outdoors".

24/03/2020 PHILIPPINES
Caritas helps the poor fight hunger and fear in locked-down Manila

Day labourers are the hardest hit. Some 3,042 food bags have been distributed to parishes and communities. Some 10,080,912 pesos (US8,000) have been raised. Gift certificates and food vouchers have been given to more than 5 million people. For Caritas Manila’s executive secretary, the social impact of the emergency should not be overlooked.

24/03/2020 INDONESIA
As Catholics offer help to fight virus, Easter events cancelled

On Flores Island, Semana Santa events have been cancelled. Health takes priority over traditions. The Indonesian government is struggling to cope with the crisis. In Jakarta Catholics hand out soup and other food to the needy.


24/03/2020 CHINA
Travel to and from Wuhan is set to restart on 8 April. ‘Asymptomatic' cases are not counted

According to official sources, no positive cases have been recorded in recent days, but an infection prevention team reports dozens of asymptomatic cases in Wuhan every day, which are not counted in official figures. If they were, they could increase the number of infected by more than 50 per cent. At present China has 81,747 positive cases.

Dioceses offer Masses online and special prayers for the sick and doctors

Bishops and clergymen organise their services on Facebook and YouTube. Capuchin monk notes that only churches are closed; families are united in prayer. Panaflex boards are placed at the doors of Karachi churches. Bangladeshi authorities postpone school exams.

24/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: we pray for doctors, nurses and priests who have died of the epidemic

24 doctors and about 50 priests have died in Italy serving the sick. Almost five thousand health workers infected. In his homily, Francis speaks of sloth, "the sin of the neutral, neither white nor black". "The sin of sadness that is the seed of the devil, of that inability to make a decision about one's life, but yes, to look at the life of others to complain".

24/03/2020 MYANMAR
Naypyidaw reports first two cases of coronavirus

Myanmar has so far been the most populous country without a single case of infection. The Burmese health system is ranked among the worst in the world: tampons performed on less than 300 people. Caritas official: "The government is starting to order closures and quarantines, especially in the state of Chin."

24/03/2020 JAPAN
Pound: due to Coronavirus Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021

The statement by the member of the International Olympic Committee comes after the withdrawal of Canada and Australia, and requests for postponement by the USA and Great Britain. 93% of American athletes don't want to compete. Beijing is waiting for an official communication. Japan is expected to lose 6 billion euros. Despite bad news, the Tokyo stock exchange soars.

24/03/2020 INDIA
Kerala, celebrations of mass despite bans: priest arrested

Fr. Pauly Padayatty was later released on bail. Police arrested other people who participated in rallies and processions in temples and mosques. Card. Gracias celebrates online and makes new arrangements for funerals and confessions.

24/03/2020 TURKEY
Coronavirus: police arrests Turkish doctor who talked about 'thousands' of infections

In a video that went viral in a few hours, Dr Güle Çınar talks about thousands of infections. The authorities eventually forced her to issue an apology. Police raid mask factories to force owners to sell them to the Health Ministry. Turkey’s confirmed cases stand at 1,529 with 37 deaths.


Herbs, incense, vodka, bells: Strange remedies for coronavirus

Official figures in Russia speak of 438 infections and one victim. The economic consequences of the pandemic are worrying. The Orthodox Church steps up hygiene measures, but continues to hold Eucharistic celebrations, processions, veneration of icons. Russian Muslims have begun continuous reading of the Koran. Ekaterinburg nuns burn incense made from "lavender, geranium, basil and lemon, with great antiviral effect". Syrian rue is smoked in Turkmenistan; in Belarus, Lukashenko recommends "drinking more vodka". The sound of bells drives out viruses.

23/03/2020 JAPAN
Archbishop Kikuchi: something good born from awful oronavirus situation

Suspension of functions in the larger parishes of Tokyo. Local Catholics are united in prayer. The moment to create a stronger spiritual communion among the faithful. On March 24 the archdiocese will make a decision for Easter and Holy Week.

23/03/2020 RUSSIA
Patriarch Kirill approves prayers against the coronavirus

Prayers can be inserted into the Divine Liturgy or recited at home. “God sent the virus that human civilisation may understand the limits of its own possibilities, and become aware of its own fragility.” “God is necessary for everyone”.

23/03/2020 CHINA - VATICAN
Msgr. Shao Zhumin: Masks and protective suits for Italy and the Holy See from the diocese of Wenzhou

The bishop, not recognized by the government, wishes to thank the Holy See for helping them in the moment of the coronavirus crisis. A novena also to ask God for an end to the epidemic in Europe. Caritas Hong Kong collects funds and masks for Italy. Former Chinese students in Italy collect donations for the Gemelli Polyclinic and other hospitals.

23/03/2020 ISLAM – FRANCE
French Muslim leader: Coronavirus is a chance for solidarity, not ‘punishment’

The Great Mosque of Paris is shut. All French mosques are urged to close. The Muslim Brotherhood is against this. Deemed a "punishment" against unbelievers, the outbreak is now a "test" to purify Muslims. Solidarity is growing irrespective of race, religion and nationality. This is an opportunity to pray for all humanity. The chairman of the French Board of Imams speaks out.

Gaza Parish priest: terrible consequences from epidemic. We pray for Italy (video)

Fr. Romanelli fears for the first two cases of new coronavirus in the Strip. Both patients are in solitary confinement in a location near the border with Egypt. B’Tselem: a decade of blockade has brought health system to its knees. From Christian leaders in Jerusalem new provisions for access to places of worship.

23/03/2020 SOUTH ASIA
Coronavirus: up to 300 million people could be affected in india

In Dhaka’s slums are hole to more than 650,000. In Bhutan the king addressed the nation. All the countries in the area close their borders. The Catholic Church has suspended Masses, Lent activities. In Afghanistan, people continue to die from the war.

Coronavirus: Olympics in Japan at risk. Seoul and Taipei fear new infections

Tokyo assesses the first ever postponement of the Olympics. Seoul strengthens quarantine measures for those arriving from abroad. Dialogue with Pyongyang. Taipei closes airports and records a slight increase in contagion cases.

Coronavirus: sharp increase in infections in Southeast Asia

Malaysia leads the region in number of cases: 1,306. With 48 deaths, Indonesia holds the sad record of coronavirus deaths. Thailand’s king remains in Germany, causing controversy at home. Philippine President Duterte wants special powers to tackle the crisis.

23/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan returns to normal. Epidemic 'imported' from Italy

Only one "local" case of infection three days ago. All others are Chinese returning from abroad. The Global Times suggests that the epidemic could have originated in Italy. China continues to try to appear the "victim" and not the "author" of the epidemic. The authorities doing everything to show that the epidemic has been eradicated and that everyone can go back to work, to heal the economic crisis. In at least 12 provinces, schools will reopen in late March or early April.

23/03/2020 MIDDLE EAST
As the coronavirus spreads in the Middle East, first cases reported in Syria and Gaza

Iran remains the most affected country with more than 21,000 cases and more than 1,600 deaths. Its surpeme leader rejects offers of US help. Iraq imposes a curfew and closes borders. Saudi Arabia goes on 21-day lockdown. Exceptional containment measures are taken in the West Bank.

23/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: we pray with faith, perseverance and courage and 'the Lord does not disappoint'

At Mass this morning, Francis invited people to pray for those who are suffering from the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic. “The Lord does not disappoint: he does not disappoint. He makes us wait, He takes His time, but He doesn't disappoint. Faith, perseverance and courage”.


22/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: universality of prayer against the virus pandemic on 25 and 27 March

During the Angelus, Pope Francis called on the Heads of the Churches and all Christians to recite together the Lord’s Prayer on March 25, the solemnity of the Annunciation. On 27 March, the pontiff will pray in the parvis of the St Peter’s Basilica, with the Eucharistic adoration and Urbi et Orbi blessing. The miracle of healing the man born blind “confirms the affirmation of Jesus who says of himself, ‘I am the light of the world’ (John 9:5), the light that illuminates our darkness.” However, “it is not enough to receive the light, it is necessary to become the light”.

22/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope calls for prayers for those who die alone from the coronavirus and for their relatives

At Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis offers a special prayer for those who die in isolation due to the epidemic and for their family members. He talks about the wisdom of the man born blind, healed by Jesus, and the closemindedness of the doctors of the Law. He advises people to “Read John, chapter 9, once, twice, three times, as many times as you want” so that the feelings about Jesus passing by can come out.

21/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: let us pray for families who cannot leave home

During Mass in Casa Santa Marta, streamed lived, Pope Francis praised the publican's prayer. People must “approach the Lord with humility.” people must pray “with the naked soul, without make-up, without disguising one's virtues,” the pontiff said. People must pray for spiritual communion.


21/03/2020 VATICAN
Vatican: plenary indulgence and collective absolution for coronavirus patients

The Apostolic Penitentiary issues a decree for coronavirus patients, those in quarantine as well as healthcare workers and family members who expose themselves to the risk of contagion to help those affected by COVID-19.

21/03/2020 MALAYSIA
Baptist pastor dies from virus, ‘death has no sting,’ says son

David Cheng is the first of Malaysia’s two COVID-19 fatalities. A few hours after his death, the son wrote a message to friends and supporters, saying that his father “in a better place than all of us. So with that, we are putting on our garments of praise and still rejoicing through this storm.” The clergyman’s wife and daughter have also tested positive to the virus.


21/03/2020 CHINA
Zhu Zhiqun: Beijing has not yet won the coronavirus propaganda war

China’s Orwellian experiment to fight the virus is working at home, but cannot be replicated in Europe or the United States. Except for Italy and Spain, no major western country is praising China’s fight against the pandemic.


21/03/2020 INDIA
Bandra school closes because of coronavirus, but orphanage remains open

The St Catherine of Siena facility is home to 75 poor children without parents, aged 5 to 18. Because of the outbreak, a skeleton staff of three cares for them. A mobile medical clinic visits every week.  The children enjoy a plant-based diet, games and study.

20/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan Public Security Bureau apologises to Li Wenliang's family over ‘inappropriate reprimand’

The doctor, who died of coronavirus, had reported the outbreak in December, but was silenced by the police. Two Wuhan police officers get a demerit and a warning. The investigation into the affair claims the coronavirus was first reported in late December, but government sources note that the first cases date back to 17 November. Official narrative tries to save Xi Jinping and the Party. An anonymous comment slams the inquiry as “shameless”.

20/03/2020 TAIWAN
Hsiao: Taiwan has been quicker than the WHO in fighting the coronavirus

Success against the infection will improve the international image of the "rebel province". When the virus first appeared in Wuhan, Taiwan immediately imposed health controls and closed the borders with China. It put to good use the lessons it learnt from the SARS crisis. Citizens have been widely informed about how to stop the contagion. Doubts remain about its possible membership in the WHO.

20/03/2020 MALAYSIA
Rohingya refugees sought after taking part in Islamic meeting where at least 665 people were infected

The tabligh was held in Sri Petaling's Jamek mosque from 27 February to 1 March. About 14,500 Malaysians and 1,500 foreigners attended the event. Scores of participants from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand contracted the COVID-19 virus. Malaysian authorities tracked down 12,000 participants. Refugees are avoiding testing fearful of “arrest and other repercussions”.

Coronaviruses crisis: activists and governments slam 'immoral' US sanctions against Iran

Different appeals are made to Washington to ease its punitive measures against Iran, where the coronavirus has affected 18,000 people with 1,284 deaths. Iranian President Rouhani and Supreme leader Khamenei praise the courage of doctors and nurses. Washington responds by increasing sanctions.

20/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: let us pray for the authorities who often suffer misunderstandings

Francis reminds people how they can confess in the absence of a priest. A prayer for the healthcare personnel who are working hard to assist coronavirus patients, in particular in Italian cities of Bergamo, Treviglio, Brescia and Cremona.

20/03/2020 JAPAN
Olympic flame arrives in Japan despite the coronavirus

The reception ceremony was significantly scaled down. Many events to promote the Games have been changed because of anti-coronavirus measures. The IOC “is considering different scenarios” but “cancellation is not on the agenda”.  About 69.9 per cent of Japanese don’t expect the Games to take place as scheduled.

20/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Chinese companies to run out of liquidity within six months

Almost 50 per cent of large retailers and 60 per cent of restaurants are in serious difficulty. Interest rates remain unchanged. In some provinces, coupons are given to people to encourage them to buy. Private spending and energy production are down sharply.

20/03/2020 TURKEY
Bartholomew: let us pray that science will overcome the coronavirus

In a letter, the Ecumenical Patriarch thanks those who fight against the disease, first of all the healthcare personnel, and invites faithful to respect the indications of authorities, beginning with staying at home.


20/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan, still no new infected. Italy claims sad record of coronavirus deaths

China registers only 39 new infections, from people returning from abroad. The number of deaths in Italy has risen to 3405, surpassing those of China. In Madrid, one person dies "every 16 minutes". Globally, infections exceede 240 thousand cases; over 10 thousand dead.

20/03/2020 HOLY LAND
Coronavirus, Christian leader: Jerusalem on lockdown, greater fear than during Intifada (Video)

The holy city is emptied of pilgrims, visitors and its inhabitants. Hotel reservations canceled in March and April. Over 500 infected, almost 50,000 in quarantine. The patriarchate studies  measures to carry out the celebrations safely and according to the law. Sobhy Makhoul: the virus unites "Jews, Christians, Muslims, Arabs and Israelis". Prayers and songs in Nazareth (video).

19/03/2020 SOUTH KOREA
South Korea, a model in the fight against Covid-19 thanks to its people

Prof Eusun Lee explains South Korea's successes. This month began with around 500 cases per day, now they just over one hundred. People immediately followed the rules and common sense. For many experts, large-scale diagnostic capability is the key to controlling the epidemic.

19/03/2020 INDONESIA
Ruteng episcopal ordination sparks protests on social media

The ceremony took place this morning amid precautions against the coronavirus. Church leaders have been criticised for ignoring guidelines and not showing empathy towards a frightened population. An Islamic meeting was cancelled yesterday. Archbishop Olla notes that the number of participants was reduced from 7,000 to 1,500.



19/03/2020 PAKISTAN
Justice and Peace Commission calls for praying and fasting against the coronavirus

The Catholic organisation suspends all its activities to prevent contagion. Pakistan has 302 confirmed cases. In Punjab, university hostels have been turned into quarantine centres. Church calls for prayers for the sick and “for the discovery of an effective vaccine”.

19/03/2020 INDIA
Odisha Sisters: With Saint Joseph’s help, the coronavirus can be stopped

A Mass was held with the necessary precautions to ask the patron saint of the Church to end the epidemic. Sister prays “every day for the health and strength of my fellow Christians and people of other faiths, who have fallen victim to the coronavirus.” For another, “we must not let God out of this tragedy.” Tonight at 9 pm, Pope Francis will join a rosary by Italian Bishops.

19/03/2020 LEBANON
Maronite Church offers two structures to hospitalize Coronavirus sick

Gestures of solidarity towards the victims of Covid-19 multiply. Catholics also join by offering a residence in Jbeil and a hotel in Harissa for quarantined people. The patients will be able to attend mass on television and receive communion. One of the structures is connected to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon.

19/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: prisoners suffer from uncertainty about the future and concern for their loved ones

Francis invites us to pray for prisoners who are suffering particularly in this epidemic. Joseph, "a 'just man', that is, a man of faith". "Our faithful, our bishops, our priests, our consecrated men and women, the popes: are they capable of entering into mystery?". Invitation to spiritual communion.

19/03/2020 NORTH KOREA
Pyongyang orders people to wear masks on public transport

The regime extends closure of kindergartens and schools. Seoul designates two border cities as independent operators for humanitarian projects in favor of the North. Kim Jong-un attends inauguration ceremony for the construction of a large hospital in Pyongyang.

19/03/2020 ASIA - CHINA
Coronavirus: stock market crash continues. Doubts in China over new stimulus

Seoul is the worst hit down 8.39%. Shanghai and Shenzhen limit damage. Fears of an imminent recession. The stimuli are useless if people cannot work and spend. Chinese economists divided over the need for a major economic aid program.

19/03/2020 INDIA
Coronavirus: Indian churches open only for individual praying

The number of COVID-19 cases has reached 169, with three deaths. Bishops urge people to “avoid panic and blind violence". A patient commits suicide by jumping from the seventh floor of a hospital. Two students were attacked because for allegedly testing positive. Priests and believers are to follow certain guidelines during the Easter Triduum.

19/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan, no new coronavirus cases; 34 'imported' cases

For the first time, Hubei - the epidemic epicenter - registers no new infections. However, there are doubts about the accuracy of the statistics. Worldwide, there are over 200 thousand infected; 8,810 deaths, an increase of over 800 in a single day.

18/03/2020 SRI LANKA
New anti-coronavirus measures taken as number of cases reaches 53

As of tonight, high risk districts are under a curfew. Price controls have been imposed for basic items like dhal and canned fish. Sunday Mass is telecast. Only cargo planes are authorised to land. Borrowers are given a six-month grace period.

18/03/2020 ITALY - CHINA
Trumpeting of Beijing's gifts to Italy and the world

Papers and new broadcasts give ample space to the so-called Chinese “aid” to Italy to counter the coronavirus epidemic. Angela Merkel: It is reciprocity. A massive advertising campaign with China victorious over Covid-19, leaving aside the silence held for almost two months on the epidemic. A new silk road in “healthcare”, with aid to Italy, Spain, Serbia, Iran, the Philippines, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, Iraq. "Dictatorship is better than democracy." Religious freedom in China and Europe at risk.

18/03/2020 VIETNAM
As the authorities confirm 67 coronavirus cases, Catholics observe Lent in emergency mode

Infected people live in 13 of the country’s 63 provinces. COVID-19 is highly infectious. The Church has called on the faithful to engage in responsible behaviour and respect government orders. Priests will be able to return to celebrate penitential rites and collective confessions starting next 29 March.

18/03/2020 INDONESIA
Card Suharyo: coronavirus is a test of our faith

Prayers are offered for everyone affected by the contagion. Church is grateful towards the authorities and medical personnel. The country has reported 227 cases so far, with 19 deaths. Restrictions on internal movements and foreign arrivals have been imposed. Church activities have been limited whilst Mass is available online. Meanwhile, another danger looms: dengue fever.

18/03/2020 MALAYSIA
As Malaysia reports its first two COVID-19deaths, Abp Leow notes people are ‘united in Christ' despite separation

The number of infections now stands at 673. Hundreds of people from Southeast Asia were infected at an Islamic meeting. The government has adopted special measures to counter the spread of the virus. The archbishop of Kuala Lumpur tells parishes to “support and care for the needs of the vulnerable”.

18/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: a special prayer for frontline health workers who have died caring for coronavirus patients

"Our God is close and asks us to be close to each other, not to move away from each other. And in this moment of crisis for the pandemic we are experiencing, asks us to manifest this closeness more, to show it more. We cannot, perhaps, physically get closer because of the fear of contagion, but yes, we can awaken in us an attitude of closeness among us: with prayer, with solidarity, many forms of closeness".

18/03/2020 CHINA - HONG KONG
Beijing expels US journalists amid increased demands for freedom of speech

The call also covers Hong Kong and Macao. New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal the newspapers affected. An attack on the "one country, two systems" principle. It’s an all-out clash between the two superpowers.

18/03/2020 MIDDLE EAST
Coronavirus, Chaldean patriarch launches appeal: "Do not go out, stay at home"

Card. Sako speaks of "a tragic and difficult moment", invitation to adhere to prevention and containment measures. The vicar of southern Arabia suspends masses for a month in the Emirates and Oman. In Bahrain the first victim of Covid-19 among the Gulf countries.

17/03/2020 PAKISTAN
Church welcomes coronavirus containment measures in Sindh

So far, 184 people have been infected in Pakistan. Card Coutts calls on the faithful to “continue praying and fasting” for the sick to get better. Local parishes are on high alter. Caritas Karachi held a seminar on how to prevent infections and protect human health.

17/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan: Workers who built hospital are not paid

About 25 labour protests have taken place this month. Some 233 million workers in small- and medium-sized enterprises are the most vulnerable to the effects of the epidemic crisis. Layoffs, non-payment of wages, high commercial rents are the main cause of protests. Taxi drivers demand the suspension of cab rental fees.


17/03/2020 MONGOLIA
Lent in quarantine with the gift of mission in a Mongolia under coronavirus lockdown

The “mission first of all sparks a process of transfiguration in us. If not, it would be just a job,” said Fr Giorgio Marengo. Mongolia has closed its borders and suspended schools. All pastoral activities are on hold. Masses, rosaries, youth education, and Lent catechesis are conducted via social media. The parish of Arvaiheer is conducting a survey to see how to improve its services.


17/03/2020 LEBANON
Coronavirus: Maronite Church slams minority opposed to communion in hand

Grappling with the Covid-19 emergency, the Lebanese government has imposed restrictive measures. The Church has made communion in hand compulsory, until the end of the epidemic. This rite, which existed among early Christians, is opposed by a traditionalist group. The Ajaltoun incident causes ripples.

17/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: let us pray for the elderly who are alone and afraid in these days

God wants you to forgive "from the heart". “When God forgives us, He forget all the evil we have done. Someone said: 'It is God’s disease'. "When we go to confession, to receive the sacrament of reconciliation, we first ask ourselves: 'Do I forgive?'. If I am not forgiving, I cannot pretend to ask for forgiveness, because I will not be forgiven. "

Singapore secures food after the closure of the Malaysian borders

The measure aims to combat the spread of coronavirus. Every day, around 415 thousand people cross the border between the two countries. Singapore imports over 90% of food from all over the world. Malaysia confirms another 125 new infections: the number rises to 553. Mosques closed in two states.


17/03/2020 HONG KONG - ASIA
Hong Kong quarantines foreigners. Restrictions in many countries

180 thousand cases worldwide.  Infections decrease in China;  increase in Europe and the United States.  Borders in many Asian states have closed.  Similar restrictions also in the USA, the European Union, Canada and Russia.


17/03/2020 INDIA
Mumbai: Leprosy clinics and elderly priests homes on lock down, pilgrimages canceled

The "Vimala Dermatological Center" continues to treat patients but sends students home. Card. Oswald Gracias cancels the 32nd edition of the night pilgrimage. The home for clergy stops visits. The third Indian victim was from Mumbai.

17/03/2020 RUSSIA
Russia's coronavirus infections are growing

So far the official statistics speak of 93 positive cases;  the majority (83) would have contracted the infection abroad.  The country is closing communication links with neighboring nations.  Moscow limits meetings with more than 50 people.  No closure of churches;  distribution of communion with disposable spoons.  Patriarch Kirill celebrates 44 years of episcopal ordination.




16/03/2020 CHINA
Lent in China: a more personal faith so as not to be stifled by atheism

The closure of parishes should push the faithful to an inner quest of faith. Such a time of crisis is also a time for deep reflection. If believers depend on celebrations and outer expressions of the faith, they risk being overwhelmed by atheism. People should ask themselves what we have gained and what we have lost since the ongoing crisis began.


16/03/2020 INDIA
Caritas India sets up a task force against coronavirus, won’t leave anyone alone

The number of confirmed cases in the country has risen to 116 with two deaths. Caritas issued a health advisory for its staff, partners and beneficiaries. Its Lent campaign has been adapted to fight the pandemic. The Archdiocese of Goa and 15 Protestant churches in Mizoram impose strict hygienic rules.

16/03/2020 IRAQ
Baghdad auxiliary: Coronavirus worse than a war. Curfew and social media

In Iraq there are 124 confirmed cases and at least 10 dead. A state of emergency lasting 30 days. Baghdad borders and airport closed. Bishop Warduni: "rigid and heavy" measures in the face of "serious danger". The new media a channel to maintain communion with the faithful: "the strongest medicine is prayer".

16/03/2020 MALAYSIA
Kneeling in front of the PC: first 'online' for Malaysian Catholics

Due to the coronavirus, Malaysia’s bishops suspended public Masses until 29 March. A “day of prayer and fasting” will be held next Thursday “to invoke the intercession of God and Saint Joseph”. For one churchgoer, without this special service, “we would be like sheep without our Sunday pasture”.

16/03/2020 LEBANON
Coronavirus: Nationwide state of emergency and borders closed

Fines of up to 5 million lire (about 2500 US dollars) for restaurants, cafes or bars that welcome customers seated. Banks, pharmacies, food shops, public offices will remain open and citizens are obliged to self-isolate in the home for 14 days, with extenuating exceptions. Beirut airport could also close. Hassan Nasrallah: Christians and Muslims, stay home. God wants your health, not common prayer. The rediscovery of prayer in the family.

16/03/2020 CHINA
Fang Fang: in the fight against the virus, the Party must thank the people, not the other way around

The real heroes are the people who stayed home as well as the doctors, nurses and volunteers. Those responsible for delays in responding to the crisis must resign and be put on trial.


15/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: Amid pandemic situation, with Christ we are never alone

At the Angelus, broadcast via streaming from the Vatican library, Pope Francis comforts the sick and lonely. The value of spiritual communion with Jesus Christ, "when it is not possible to receive the sacrament". Appreciation for priests, close to the people, not "like Don abbondio". Mass celebrated by Msgr. Delpini at the Policlinico Milan. "The promise of the living water that Jesus made to the Samaritan woman became reality on his Easter: blood and water "came out of his pierced side." "We too, born to new life through Baptism, are called to witness to the life and hope that are in us".

15/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: We pray for those who are working to ensure daily life in our cities

At mass in Santa Marta, also broadcast today in streaming due to the coronavirus emergency, Pope Francis prays "for the sick, for the people who suffer", but in particular for "the workers in pharmacies, supermarkets, public transport, public security". Holy Week rites will also be streamed, without pilgrims. The homily at Mass centers on the "encounter of Jesus with a woman, with a sinner", which "ends with that confession of the messianic reality of Jesus, and with the conversion of those people [of Samaria]".

14/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: Coronavirus, prayers for families to safeguard peace during difficult moment

Doctors of the Law "believe themselves self-sufficient": I went to university, I did a doctorate, no, two doctorates. I know well, very well indeed, what the law says; in fact, I know it all, everything all of the explanations, all the cases, all the case studies". And they believe themselves self-sufficient and they despise people, they despise sinners: It is contempt for sinners”.

14/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan still at risk; residents challenge isolation to protest soaring prices

A thousand people took to the streets in Yingcheng against the neighborhood committees. A man who sold at lower prices and with better quality arrested. Yesterday 11 new cases of infection were registered; 4 in Wuhan; the rest by people returning to China from Italy, the United States and Saudi Arabia. WHO: Europe is the new epicenter of the epidemic. The situation in Iran and South Korea.


14/03/2020 UAE - MIDDLE EAST
Vicar of Arabia: In Lent, fasting and prayer for people affected by coronavirus

Archbishop Hinder close to front line workers fighting the disease and invites the faithful to help people in these difficult times. The virus affects not only health, but also societies and economies. But the nation has "excellent" structures and there is "constant vigilance". Covid-19 also frightens ISIS jihadists.

14/03/2020 SRI LANKA
'We pray for our Srilankese migrants affected by the coronavirus

Bishop: "I think of all those who do not have access to medical treatment because they live in poverty". The doctors who take care of the sick and risk dying are like "the Good Samaritan". In Sri Lanka schools closed until April 20.



13/03/2020 CHINA - USA
The hypothesis of coronavirus originating from a laboratory in Wuhan is plausible

There is no irrefutable evidence, but signs, rumors, testimonies and coincidences. For the US, the virus is a "Chinese coronavirus", or "Wuhan", the work of laboratories in China. Beijing’s counter charge: It was brought to Wuhan by US military last October! From October to November, the authorities knew of the dangerousness of the virus, but they censored the news.

13/03/2020 RUSSIA
Russian Orthodox Church and coronavirus: Communion and kissing icons

The Synod of the Patriarchate of Moscow: disinfect the icons, kissed for devotion; beware of blessed drinks. For some priests, communion, being a sign of God's love, cannot bring us sickness and death. The Greek Church is more cautious. The long lines to kiss the relics of Saint John the Baptist in Saint Petersburg. But Russia is more concerned with Putin's "crown".

13/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: coronavirus, we pray for those who suffer and also for our Pastors

Today, the seventh anniversary of his election, Francis spoke of clericalism, unfaithfulness to the covenant of those who appropriate it, "ideologizing" it, of the free gift of self made by God.


13/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: 95% of Chinese companies return to work. Beijing plans major projects

95% of large companies outside Hubei have reopened, 60% of small and medium-sized ones. Spending on 5G infrastructures and networks to stimulate the economy. Structural reforms are needed for economists. Favor migrant workers to increase consumption.


13/03/2020 PHILIPPINES
Coronavirus: Duterte locks down Manila, receives Xi's offer of help

The Philippine president announced measures against the pandemic. Land, air and sea transport to and from the capital will be suspended from 15 March to 14 April. So far, 52 cases of COVID-19 infections and five deaths have been confirmed. Earlier this week, the government had only 2,000 test kits for 104 million people.

13/03/2020 NEPAL - CHINA
Coronavirus: Nepal and China close Everest because of dangerous virus

The fear of contagion spreads after WHO officially declared the outbreak a pandemic. Spring is the most crowded season. The fee for the climb is US,000. In 2019 at least 885 climbers reached the top.


13/03/2020 MIDDLE EAST
Coronavirus helping Netanyahu, Bahrain slams Iran

Israel’s outgoing prime minister, on trial, is seeking an emergency government. Gantz is open to the idea but wants it "broad" and representative. Bahrain accuses Iran of "biological aggression". In the Gulf States, the number of infections is rising, but at present no one has died yet. The emergency continues in Iran with more than 10,000 cases and 429 deaths.

13/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan, only 11 new cases of infection and seven deaths

Eight cases are registered in Hubei; three are return cases: two in Shanghai and one in Beijing. Quarantine for all foreigners who come to China. The number of infected is 81,003. However, the data does not include asymptomatic patients, for which there are no statistics. The death toll is 3180. 64,216 recovered.

12/03/2020 CHINA
Ai Fen: Authorities gagged me over coronavirus

The Wuhan doctor first mentioned the coronavirus in a WeChat post on December 30th. First suspected cases since mid-December. Her superiors ordered her to keep quiet so as not to create panic. The hospital changed the diagnoses of the first patients from "viral pneumonia" to "generic infection". Ai's information shared by Li Wenliang. The authorities did not act in a timely manner.

12/03/2020 ITALY - CHINA
China, masks for Italy, freedom of speech suffocated

Beijing will give 100 thousand masks; 20 thousand protective suits, 50 thousand swabs. 1000 lung ventilators are also on the way to help Italian coronavirus patients breathe. But China should not have suffocated the voices of doctors and journalists who already warned of a more powerful SARS virus in December. Italy should also ask for "free speech" for the Chinese. The silence of the leadership generated the pandemic.

12/03/2020 CHINA
Wuhan doctors: authorities lied about the coronavirus

The government's false information has endangered the lives of millions of people. 230 doctors contracted the infection at the central hospital; four died, including Li Wenliang. Between 12 and 17 January, local officials continued to claim that there was no infection in the city. The official announcement only on January 18. Wuhan quarantined on January 23rd.


12/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: Pray for authorities facing unpopular choices amid coronavirus crises

Indifference is “forgetting the hungry children, forgetting those poor people massed on the borders of our countries, looking for freedom, these forced migrants who flee from hunger and war and only find a wall, a wall made of iron, a wall of barbed wire, but a wall that does not let them pass. We know this exists, but it doesn't reach our heart ... We are indifferent."

12/03/2020 CHINA
WHO: It's a pandemic. Beijing prepares the Canton Fair

The coronavirus has reached 114 countries and infected about 120,000 people. China tries to resume production and lighten lockdown imposed in many cities and provinces. Yesterday in Qianjiang (Hubei) the restriction of movement was removed at 8.30 am and put back in place at 10.30 am. Only 15 new cases of infection were registered yesterday, the lowest level recorded in two months.

11/03/2020 JAPAN
Events marking the 'triple disaster' are scaled down over virus fear

On 11 March 2011, a tsunami and a nuclear accident devastated north-eastern Japan. This morning, people who went through the tragedy met despite the cancellation of public ceremonies. Archbishop Kikuchi called for prayers, announced the cancellation of Masses in Tokyo Cathedral. Since yesterday, the authorities have reported the largest single-day increase in infections.

11/03/2020 SRI LANKA
First local coronavirus case in Sri Lanka

The first Sri Lankan infected is a tourist guide who had contact with a group of Italians. People coming from South Korea, Italy and Iran are placed in quarantine. Sri Lankans are urged to adhere to health procedures to limit contagion.

11/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: coronavirus, thanks to medical staff, volunteers, and those who pray

Today’s General Audience was adapted to the coronavirus crisis. The pontiff encouraged people to “face every situation, even the most difficult, with strength, responsibility and hope.” He warned against forgetting the Syrians “suffering on the border between Greece and Turkey.” For him, even in the most corrupt person yearns for the good.

11/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: let us pray for the sick and prisoners

In the mass celebrated this morning Francis also spoke about the persecuted Christians. “Think of many Christians, how cruelly they are persecuted. These days, the newspapers spoke of Asia Bibi: nine years in prison, suffering. It is the fury of the devil. "

11/03/2020 INDIA
Mumbai, Sisters of Mother Teresa and coronavirus: houses closed and 'trust in God'

The Missionaries of Charity close all houses to visitors and volunteers. "The health of our children comes first." The centers also welcome children with special needs. Superior: "We contemplate the heart of the world that today suffers from coronavirus".



11/03/2020 IRAN
Tehran's doctors and nurses at risk without masks and gloves

To date, 8042 cases and 291 coronavirus victims have been recorded in the Islamic Republic. The most critical situation in the northern province of Gilan. Desperate need for N95 masks. US sanctions complicate the situation even more.

11/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: quarantine loosened in Hubei. The infections are still falling

Economic activities are resuming in the epicenter of the epidemic. Yesterday only 31 cases of infection. Airports in Hubei reopen; Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai remain on high alert. Nissan resumes production; 78 million migrant workers return to the factories, 60% of the total. Still problems for small businesses and the unemployed.



10/03/2020 CHINA
Police and censorship during the Xi Jinping 'show' in Wuhan (video)

Police and security forces are deployed in the flats overlooking the streets visited by Xi Jinping. High school and college students forced to follow online political lessons that enhance Xi’s role. People are tired massive propaganda. A book on the Party's fight against coronavirus has been silently withdrawn from bookstores. Nurses have been used as propaganda tools. Nothing is being said about the doctors censored for reporting the epidemic.

10/03/2020 LEBANON
Saint Charbel earth to defeat the coronavirus

Christians and Muslims trust the saint to be spared from illnesses. Devotees have been taking the earth that covers his ancient sepulchre. A young woman claims that he appeared to her in a dream and entrusted her with a mission. Thanks to her, people hospitalised in Beirut will be able to receive an unusual remedy. “Some will laugh at it; others will put God to the and say, let's see; and a few will finally receive it in faith and heal. They are the winners,” priest says.

10/03/2020 MIDDLE EAST
Superstitions and plots behind the coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East

For a Saudi intellectual, the virus is the work of Qatar to block Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan. An ultra-Orthodox rabbi sees signs of the "coming of the Messiah" in the epidemic. Others hand out Corona beer to the faithful, asking them to drink and pray. The al-Aqsa mosque compound is disinfected, whilst the Church of the Nativity is closed.

10/03/2020 KOREA
Covid-19 virus kills 180 North Korean soldiers

For the Daily NK, 3,700 soldiers are under quarantine, something North Korea denies. Nevertheless, Pyongyang has increased food rations for soldiers. For the first time, an official source mentions economic losses due to viral disease. Yesterday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un supervised an artillery exercise.

10/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: priests bring the Word of God and the Eucharist to the sick

"Have the courage to go with our miseries to speak to the Lord: 'Come, come! Discuss! Do not be afraid". "This is the invitation of the Lord. But there is always a deception: instead of going to talk to the Lord, pretend not to be sinners. " It is "appearance, vanity. Cover the truth of our heart with vanity. Vanity never heals! ".

10/03/2020 ASIA
Coronavirus: Stock markets recover after yesterday's crash. Confidence in containment of virus

All the major Asian indices are making a comeback. The slowdown in coronavirus contagion has restored confidence among investors. Japan and the US intervene to support the economy. Fears decline of a "price war" between oil producers.

10/03/2020 CHINA
Party acclaims, the people criticise Xi's first visit to Wuhan

Xi encouraged everyone to be confident that the epidemic will be overcome. The visit was prepared as a "campaign of gratitude " towards the Party. An avalanche of criticism on social media, all canceled by the web police. The silence of the authorities on Party's interference in launching the alarm and the gag imposed on doctors and journalists who denounced the epidemic.



10/03/2020 PHILIPPINES
Manila, Msgr. Pabillo calls for 'precautionary measures in a spirit of charity' against virus

The apostolic administrator of the Philippine capital publishes a pastoral letter on Covid-19. Catholics invited to "intensify our prayers, to ask for divine protection and intervention". "Parishes must be prepared for the economic effects of the phenomenon." The archdiocese of Singapore announces the resumption of public masses.


09/03/2020 ASIA
Coronavirus: contagions in South and Southeast Asia

Bangladesh has reported its first three cases, involving people returning from Italy. India has 43 confirmed cases with 400 people in quarantine. A US tourist is positive in Bhutan. Tourism collapses in Sri Lanka. In Indonesia, dioceses are set to enforce hygiene standards.

09/03/2020 ASIA
Coronavirus: oil and stock markets collapse. 'War' between Russia and OPEC

Crude oil value lost more than 20%, pushing equity indices down in Asia. After the collapse of prices due to the coronavirus, Opec and Russia fail to agree on production levels. Analysts worried about the drop in exports and imports from China, the world's largest oil buyer.

09/03/2020 JAPAN
Covid-19: no public at the Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka

The Spring Grand Sumo Tournament opened yesterday. Its matches will be broadcast by Japan’s public broadcaster. If a wrestler contracts the virus, the competition will be cancelled. Athletes must comply with strict health protocols. The last closed-door tournament took place in 1945.

09/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope: Mass for coronavirus patients and for those who treat them

“In these days I will offer Mass for the patients of this coronavirus epidemic, for doctors, nurses, volunteers who help so much, family members, for the elderly who are in nursing homes, for prisoners who are locked up.

09/03/2020 SOUTH KOREA
Coronavirus epidemic slows in Korea for the third consecutive day

The total number of infections from Covid-19 in the country reaches 7,382. So far 51 people have died, mostly elderly patients with underlying conditions. About 63% of infections are related to the Daegu Shincheonji Church of Jesus sect. Seoul and Tokyo suspend a tourist visa waiver program.

09/03/2020 MIDDLE EAST
From Iran to Israel, coronavirus deaths and infections are growing in the Middle East

In the Islamic Republic only 49 deaths yesterday, for a total of 149. Israel is considering mandatory quarantine for all entrances. Riyadh closes schools. New victims also in Iraq. In Syria, the humanitarian situation in Idlib is worrying, where an appearance of the virus would have catastrophic effects.

09/03/2020 CHINA
Quanzhou: 11 killed in collapse of quarantine hotel

The rescue teams are still looking for 23 people trapped under the rubble. The building had been renovated in 2016 and its use boosted by the opening of two supermarkets. Yesterday, for the first time in almost two months, there were no new infections in China, excluding Wuhan: only 44 new cases. 27 new deaths were recorded, bringing the total death toll to 3097. The number of infected people across the country is 80695.



07/03/2020 VATICAN
Pope not to appear at window for Angelus to prevent gatherings

The prayer and the general audience will be livestreamed by Vatican News on screens in St Peter's Square. The presence of the faithful during the morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta is also suspended.

07/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: less than 100 cases per day, protests in Guangzhou over rent payments

Only 99 cases were reported yesterday, 74 in Wuhan. China’s tally stood at 80,813, 3073 dead, and 55,477 recovered. Only 30 per cent of labour force are back to work. In Guangdong, the economic crisis has pushed some people to stage a protest. Churches are not yet allowed to reopen. Online communities have been blocked. Worldwide cases number 21,231 in 92 countries, with 417 deaths.

06/03/2020 CHINA – VATICAN
Party media post Wuhan video slamming leaders for falsehoods and formalism

Papers removed the video from their online page, but it is still available on social media. Wuhan residents slam leaders’ phoney efficiency in handing out food and medicine to people forced to stay in their home. A video showing Pope Francis praying for China has also been posted on social media. This is not the first time the pope appears online.


06/03/2020 INDIA
Card Gracias calls for prayers to God to help us against the coronavirus

The prelate urges daily prayers and offers recommendations in a letter to pastors and priests. The measures are temporary until Easter.

06/03/2020 CHINA
Fr. Bai Jianqing: Evangelizing during the coronavirus epidemic

For nearly two months the faithful in China have been in isolation and cannot participate personally in the Sunday liturgy. In this period many priests and faithful are trying to carry out online catechesis, reading the bible through social media, on a mobile phone, etc. The urgency of moving from "rural" pastoral care to "urban" pastoral care.

06/03/2020 VIETNAM
Sôn Lôi residents beat the coronavirus

Six people from Sôn Lôi came back from a business trip to Wuhan with the virus. They and their municipality were quarantined from 13 February to 4 March. Now the lockdown has been lifted.

06/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus, Beijing's dilemma: saving lives or the economy?

Bringing workers back to factories will encourage the spread of the virus. The drama of the countryside, the hidden outbreak of the epidemic. Beijing covers the truth to restart production. Local leaders must choose whether to please their superiors or protect citizens. A reflection of the "father of democracy" in China, now exiled to the United States.

06/03/2020 HOLY LAND
Bishop Marcuzzo: In Jerusalem, in quarantine for the coronavirus

As of 28 February the vicar of Jerusalem has been in isolation, returning from a trip to Italy. Free time used to "read, pray, write and put my library and archives in order". The new guidelines of the Latin patriarchate for Bethlehem. In Israel 16 confirmed cases, about 70,000 people in quarantine.

06/03/2020 CHINA
Xi Jinping's dream fails as coronavirus impoverishes migrant workers

Losses for migrants are estimated at around US5 billion. Overtime will not make up the difference. Rural annual income average around US,665. The authorities use fake data on the reopening of activities. Reduced staff are forced to lie to government inspectors.

05/03/2020 CHINA
Protestants: the mission at the time of the coronavirus

As a result of long weeks of isolation, people feel lonely and fearful. Despite the situation, pastors and believers are reviving the sense of community with online prayers, helping the people of Wuhan with donations of medical supplies and preaching the gospel.

05/03/2020 NORTH KOREA
Pyongyang's obsession with coronavirus

Sanitization, mass control and quarantine. North Koreans threaten the use of weapons to block the border with China. End of isolation for diplomatic personnel in the country.

05/03/2020 BANGLADESH
Catholic Church concerned about the high risk of coronavirus in Bangladesh

For bishops, the country’s poverty and large population are a source of major concern. “We have sent brochures to priests so that during their Sunday homily, they can explain to people how they can protect themselves,” says a health professional.

05/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Beijing evaluates rate cut; risk of flight of foreign companies

After the Federal Reserve and Hong Kong, the intervention of the Chinese Central Bank is expected. With skyrocketing debt, China's leeway is not very large. Academy of Sciences: the effects of the crisis push foreign companies to move production to other countries. Timid signs of financial recovery.


05/03/2020 CHINA
People still dying in Wuhan. Over 3 thousand coronavirus victims

Yesterday, out of 34 dead, 27 occurred in Wuhan. In China, there are 20 "return" cases, with viruses from abroad. Li Liang, 36, of Wuhan, already cured of the coronavirus, died five days after exiting the hospital. The news of his death has been overshadowed on the web. Doctors in Wuhan continue to warn that many patients, hospitalized and then discharged, have relapsed into the disease. There are two types of coronavirus.

04/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: 6 million Chinese return to work; social protections at risk

In Guangdong 90% of industries have resumed production. Wealthy provinces better equipped to face the crisis. The service sector also collapses. Dangers of new infections in factories. In addition to wages, workers can lose pensions and liquidation.

04/03/2020 IRAN
Tehran releases thousands of detainees to combat the spread of the coronavirus

At least 54,000 prisoners who test negative will be released on bail . The measure does not concern prisoners sentenced to five or more years for security related offenses. To date, there are 2336 and 77 confirmed cases, but the number may be higher. A WHO team in the country to stem the epidemic.


04/03/2020 CHINA – ITALY
Italy’s Chinese told not to go home for Qingming, the tomb-sweeping festival

Qingtian County (Zhejiang) fears a return of people infected with the virus. At least 100,000 people from Qingtian live in Italy. In China, the downward trajectory of the epidemic continues: only 119 new positive cases and 38 new deaths were reported yesterday. For the WHO, the new coronavirus has killed so far 3.4 per cent of infected people, by comparison, seasonal flu kills 1.1 per cent of patients.

03/03/2020 IRAQ
Coronavirus: Chaldean Patriarchate cancels Sunday Mass in Baghdad

Weddings and funerals are also suspended until further notice. Weekday Masses will continue as fewer people attend them. The faithful are asked to sit in church and not shake hands. For priest in the capital, measures are designed to contain the contagion. Card Sako offers a “special prayer” to God the Father and Mary.

03/03/2020 CHINA - ASIA
OECD: China’s weakening GDP to affect global economy

Due to the coronavirus, China’s economy will grow less than 5 per cent in 2020. The global economy will lose half a percentage point. Japan, South Korea and Australia will be the most affected by China’s difficulties. World stock exchanges have been going up and down. China is betting on infrastructure, but it could be a mistake.


03/03/2020 SOUTH KOREA
Moon declares 'war' on the virus. Affect almost 5 thousand people

Almost 90% of the infected are concentrated in the city of Daegu and in the province of North Gyeongsang. The Shincheonji Christian sect caused 59.1% of cases. Sect members visited Wuhan (China) in early February, when the Chinese city was in isolation. At least 87 countries and regions have imposed a ban or mandatory quarantine on visitors to South Korea.

02/03/2020 ASIA
God in the coronavirus

Our global society has been hit by a scourge similar to the plague of the 1300s and 1600s, the cholera epidemic of two centuries ago, or the Asian flu of the last century. Discovering our impotence and fear of death. The apocalypse and escape. For many Christians in Asia it is not a question of escape: they have found God in the coronavirus. Political powers see God as an enemy (in China) or as an unnecessary encumbrance (in the West). God is our greatest ally.

02/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Beijing at risk of recession. Production at historic low

The Asian giant's GDP may plummet by 6% in the first quarter, the first recession since the Cultural Revolution. Knock on effects throughout Asia. The stock markets recover thanks to the stimuli promised by the big economies.

02/03/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: 3 thousand dead worldwide; 2915 in China

In the rest of the world there is an increase in infections and deaths; in China the number of deaths per day is decreasing. Yesterday there were 42 deaths, all in Hubei. In the rest of the world, the confirmed cases are 8848 and the deaths are 129, distributed in 63 countries.

29/02/2020 JAPAN
Coronavirus: Hokkaido island declares a state of emergency

At least 66 cases of contagion and two deaths confirmed in northern prefecture.  Across Japan, the total toll is 235 infections and five deaths.  Tokyo does not consider 705 sick passengers and six victims aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.  Premier Abe clarifies his call for school closures.


29/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Chinese economic recovery uncertain

Chinese experts: GDP will grow over 5.5% this year.  Consumption, however, is likely to remain low in the coming months.  The recovery of production threatened by problems in freight transport.  The spread of the outbreak abroad threatens Chinese companies.



28/02/2020 MIDDLE EAST
Mideast Churches adopt precautionary guidelines to deal with coronavirus

For Mgr Pizzaballa, measures are needed to counter the rapid spread of the virus, like emptying fonts and receiving the Communion by hand. The Chaldean Church is vetting the possibility of suspending services. In Lebanon, the situation is still normal.


28/02/2020 HONG KONG – CHINA
Pets of infected people quarantined

The decision follows the discovery that a patient's dog was "weak positive" for coronavirus. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department will hold pets for 14 days. In mainland China, 329 new cases have been reported with 44 more deaths, the smallest increases since 23 January.

28/02/2020 CHINA - ASIA
Coronavirus: Wall Street crash drags Asian markets down

The spread of the epidemic in the United States generates panic. The change of course in the United States could have a knock on effect in losses. The ability to recover the global economy is overestimated. The fear of a new, big crisis like that of 2008.

28/02/2020 JAPAN
Coronavirus, Tokyo closes schools to tackle epidemic

From March 2  until April, 13 million students will remain at home. The government measure takes parents and institutions by surprise. Confusion in local administrations. Yesterday the number of infections in the country exceeded 200. In the count Tokyo does not include infected passengers from the Diamond Princess. The archdiocese of Tokyo suspends public masses.

27/02/2020 CHINA
Beijing goes after critics inside and outside the country

WeChat accounts of prominent intellectuals are shut down. In China, “The public has a lot to say, but they are not allowed to express it,” says one critic. Several blogs and social media accounts have been silenced. Some posts about Li Wenliang have been removed. For a Singapore scholar, China’s “Leninist” regime is the problem.

27/02/2020 IRAN
Coronavirus: Iran to quarantine people, not cities or regions

The Islamic Republic is the epicentre of the outbreak in the Middle East, with 19 victims and 139 infections. Canadian study suggests that up to 18,000 people could be infected in the country. Shrines and places of worship remain open, but adopt more precautions. Rouhani is also against closing of districts or cities, says focus should be on individuals. US sanctions are hindering the fight against the epidemic.

27/02/2020 VIETNAM
Coronavirus: prayers and help for Sơn Lôi, a municipality isolated for the past 14 days

Six of Vietnam’s 16 cases are in this town. Some 1,300 Catholics live in the municipality of more than 10,000 people. A young priest volunteered to help. The faithful are praying for the end of the world-wide emergency. “We hope that these sacred moments will not only heal bodies, but also our souls,” says parishioner.


27/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Beijing to the rescue of small businesses, but exports are falling

65 billion authorized in subsidized loans.  39 billion allready granted in early February. Only 30% of small and medium-sized companies have reopened their doors. The country is losing 320 million euros per week in exports. Hi-tech multinationals are also affected.

27/02/2020 KOREA
Seoul, new peak in infections. Pyongyang prolongs school holidays

The South Korean government claims that 307 of 334 new infections have occurred in Daegu. In the country, the main focus is a pseudo-Christian sect. Pyongyang chooses to isolate itself: prevention is the only option. Moscow sends 1,500 diagnostic test kits for coronaviruses to the regime.

27/02/2020 SAUDI ARABIA
Riyadh blocks pilgrimages and tourism for fear of the coronavirus

Entry ban for Umrah and visas for people from countries affected by the epidemic are suspended. The measure is temporary in nature but there are no certain dates on the duration. Fears ahead of Hajj, scheduled for late July. The invitation not to travel to the countries where the virus has spread.

27/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: the lowest number of deaths in a month

Health authorities believe the epidemic is coming under control. The majority of the newly infected are registered in Hubei, which remains isolated. Other provinces are returning to normal life. The virus spreads to the rest of the world. The first case in the USA.

26/02/2020 SOUTH KOREA
Archbishop You on prayers, fasting and charity to fight the coronavirus emergency

The Bishop of Daejeon looks at the situation in South Korea which just had its largest one-day increase. For the Church, scaremongering is feeding fear. All 16 dioceses have suspended open Masses. A pseudo-Christian sect is one of the sources of the outbreak. Some of its members were in the epicentre of the outbreak in China.


26/02/2020 HONG KONG
Card Tong: Lent in the coronavirus wilderness

In his Lenten Letter, the apostolic administrator of Hong Kong refers to wilderness and temptation in the distrust of people after the battle against the extradition bill. Many acts of selfishness have occurred alongside many acts of “generosity” by those who treat the sick and donate surgical masks and supplies "to those in need". Lent is a "training school”.

26/02/2020 ASIA - MYANMAR
Card Bo: the tragic coronavirus embodies our fragile and mortal nature

The president of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences released a letter on the Covid-19 emergency. In it he writes that “Natural disasters, pandemics are grim reminder of our restricted existence. We are powerless in the face of a invisible microbe attack despite stockpiling lethal arsenal of arms.”

26/02/2020 VATICAN
Pope: close to coronavirus sick and those who fight contagion

Lent “is the time to turn off the television and open the Bible.  It is the time to disconnect from smart phones and connect to the Gospel."  "It is time to give up useless words, chatter, rumors, gossip, and give yourself to the Lord .  It is the time to devote yourself to a healthy heart ecology.  To clean.  We live in an environment polluted by too much verbal violence, by many offensive and harmful words, which the network amplifies.  Today insults are as commonplace as saying 'hello'.  We are inundated with empty words, with advertisements, with subtle messages”.


26/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: hundreds of infected in Chinese prisons

The most affected prisons are in Hubei, Shandong and Zhejiang. The central government admits errors, while dozens of officials are removed. The confined spaces favor propagation. Prisoners' relatives: spread of the virus due to overcrowding and poor hygiene.

26/02/2020 CHINA
Guangdong: 14% of patients recovered are healthy coronavirus carriers again

Tests after their release from the hospital show the presence of the virus in the stool. Until now, the protocol did not provide for stool analysis. Control over the epidemic is more complicated. To date, there are 78,190 cases of infection and 2718 deaths in China. Out of over 45,000 hospitalized patients, about 20% are in serious condition. A group of scientists excludes the production of the virus in the laboratory: end of the conspiracy theses.

25/02/2020 UKRAINE – CHINA
Fear and protests over evacuees spark appeal by Church and Epiphanius

People protested against the arrival in Poltava region of 73 evacuees from China, including 45 Ukrainians as well as citizens of Norway, Israel, Belarus, Spain, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Panama and other countries. Protesters blocked roads and threw stones at buses carrying the evacuees. The Church urged the faithful to not let “fear of disease cloud our mind and our conscience, our very humanity.”

25/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Chinese stock exchanges resist; Europe, Japan and Wall Street in difficulty

Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong make few gains and losses as fears grow of virus spread. Tokyo's thud after yesterday's collapse in Europe and the US. Beijing has room to introduce new liquidity, unlike many other countries. Global recovery expected after initial volatility.

25/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: over 3 thousand infected are doctors; 1600 in serious conditions; 21 dead

To date, 77,779 are infected in China, including 81 in Hong Kong, 10 in Macau and 30 in Taiwan. The total death toll is 2666, including two in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan. 27,353 patients have recovered to date. Discrepancies in the number of infections among medical personnel. A study gave the figure of 3 thousand already two weeks ago. Double the government figures. The mortality rate for coronavirus is 2.3% across China, but in Hubei it is 2.9%. For patients aged 80 and over, the percentage rises to 14.8%. Controversy still over why the government delayed the epidemic alert.

25/02/2020 IRAN
Iran, coronavirus: the number of victims rises to 14, at least 61 infections

Two more victims today, but data is contested: a Qom MP speaks of at least 50 deaths alone in the holy city. Categorical denial of the authorities, but the toll remains uncertain. Several countries in the area close  borders with the Islamic Republic. Qatar calls for voluntary isolation of passengers from Iran and South Korea.


24/02/2020 SINGAPORE
Coronavirus: Singaporeans follow Mass on the internet or the radio

Public Eucharistic celebrations in the city-state were suspended indefinitely ten days ago. However, the Archdiocese is broadcasting the Mass every day on its YouTube and radio channels. For every Christian Church, the emergency has become an occasion to promote a message of unity.

24/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Xi Jinping applauds the Party's effectiveness. Experts and scientists express doubts

In a Politburo meeting, televised to all the counties and military regiments, the Chinese president exalts the role of the Party in managing the crisis. The epidemic "has not changed the long-term fundamentals of China's economic growth." But Xi also kept silent about the infection alarm. Scientists: the virus had been present in Wuhan since November. And it came "from outside" the fish market. The hypothesis of the virus research laboratory (for war purposes).

24/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: China's economic recovery will be long term

Beijig estimated to have lost over 180 billion euros in the first two months of the year due to pulmonary epidemic. Economic growth in sharp decline in the first quarter. Bringing workers back to factories is a priority for Chinese companies. Only 30% of the 300 million migrant workers are available.



24/02/2020 KOREA
Coronavirus: foreigners in quarantine in Pyongyang. Record infections for Seoul

At present, there are no cases of Covid-19 in North Korea. But the country shares a long and porous border with China. About 3,000 people in North Pyongan province are under control because of suspicious symptoms. South Korea has the largest number of confirmed cases outside China: 763. Before 19 February, Seoul reported only 31.

24/02/2020 CHINA
More dead, more infected. Wuhan first eases then restores isolation

Yesterday there were 150 deaths and 409 new infected. As of today, non-Wuhan residents without coronavirus symptoms can leave the city, isolated for nearly a month. Guangdong lowers the alert level. But Wuhan's doctors warn: recovered people can be healthy carriers of the virus.


22/02/2020 IRAN – MIDDLE EAST
Coronavirus outbreak: 18 cases and four dead in Iran, first cases in Lebanon and Israel

In Iran, the first case is reported in Qom, possibly a Chinese worker. The authorities appear to have downplayed the issue to prevent a low turnout in yesterday’s parliamentary election. Kuwait stops flights to and from Iran. Crippled by US sanctions, Iran’s health system is a source of concern.

22/02/2020 ASIA
Coronavirus cases outside China multiplying

In South Korea, 229 new cases were reported, the largest single-day rise since late January. Japan has lost track of the path of some cases, which tripled to 90 last week. For the WHO, the situation in Iran is "very concerning” with 18 cases and four deaths in the last two days.

Coronavirus or not, China to honour trade deal with US

Beijing is cutting tariffs on many US imports to meet its commitment to buy US200 billion in US products and services. Imports are also needed to face the coronavirus outbreak. Doubts remain about its ability to buy US.5 billion in agricultural products from the United States.

21/02/2020 CHINA
Beijing confirms 889 new infections and 118 coronavirus deaths

It is the second day in a row that the province records fewer than 1,000 new cases, after nearly a month of daily four-digit increases. In China, the total number of total infections is 75,567. So far, 18,264 people have recovered. Critical day in South Korea: 52 infections confirmed, 29 of which related to a sect.

21/02/2020 TAIWAN - ITALY
Taipei says Italian pork meat ban is not retaliation for flight suspension

The ban is based on scientific considerations, says the island government. Taiwan opposed by Rome's decision to suspend flights between the two countries to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The presence of African swine fever in Sardinia at the basis of the import ban.


21/02/2020 IRAQ - IRAN
Coronavirus warning: Baghdad closes links with Iran

The measure follows the news of the first two victims registered in the Islamic Republic. It is an elderly couple from Qom with past immune problems. Iraqi Airways has also suspended all air connections with the country. The entry ban in force "until further notice".


20/02/2020 CHINA – ASEAN
China and ASEAN to coordinate action against coronavirus

Badly affected by the epidemic, Beijing wants to restore normal economic relations with its southern neighbours. China is the bloc's top trading partner and a major investor. Almost all Southeast Asian countries have reduced exchanges with mainland China. Bad relations between China and Vietnam could impact on anti-coronavirus cooperation.

20/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Chinese stock exchanges recover, but industrial production is struggling to recover

Shanghai and Shenzhen continue to recover after a new interest rate cut decided by the central bank. However, factories are struggling to resume activities due to the lack of manpower and movement restrictions. Liquidity injections are likely to do little to help small and medium-sized businesses.


20/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus, lowest number of new cases in one day since the beginning of crisis

In China, 74,675 infections were detected; the total death toll is 2,121. 21% of patients are in critical condition. The number of suspected infections is 4,922. But 16,168 people have recovered from the disease. Outside China, 26 countries report a total of 1,050 contagion episodes and seven deaths.

19/02/2020 CHINA
He Weifang blames the spread of the coronavirus on government censorship

On WeChat, the renowned law scholar slams the dearth of information about the crisis. In his view, “without press freedom, people will live in distress and the government in mendacity.” A supporter of Liu Xiaobo and Charter 08, He calls for the implementation of the rule of law in China.

19/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus, the death toll breaks the 2,000 mark

But Beijing reports the lowest number of new infections in the current month. Outside Hubei, only 56 new cases have been reported, falling for the 15th consecutive day. Russia announces the closure of its borders to Chinese citizens. The spike in South Korea due to a "super greaser".

19/02/2020 ASIA
Coronavirus: Asian economies decline despite resumption of business in China

80% of Chinese state-owned enterprises return to work, but national GDP is estimated to drop to 5%. Kickbacks for all major Asian economies, especially Japan and India. Taiwan and South Korea are expected to limit the damage. Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam are also slowing down.

18/02/2020 CHINA
Dr Li Wenliang, the coronavirus martyr, was not Christian

Protestant websites first mentioned his conversion, but no one in Wuhan’s Christian communities can confirm that claim. He did however join a chat room about Christianity, and so perhaps was "seeker of the faith". The right way to honour him is to guarantee freedom of speech and freedom.

18/02/2020 HONG KONG - CHINA
Coronavirus, missionary: Compassion, solidarity and sharing in the face of tragedy

The testimony of a PIME missionary in Hong Kong. "My thoughts go to empty churches, here in Hong Kong, Macau and in many cities in mainland China." "Working from home, schools and universities closed until March: all this increases the pressure and sometimes makes some people react in unreasonable ways".

18/02/2020 CHINA
WHO: 80% of coronavirus infections are 'mild'

In just 14% of infections, serious conditions such as pneumonia develop. The latest data from the Chinese authorities speak of 72,528 infections and 1,870 total deaths. The number of new deaths in China has decreased for the third consecutive day; the infections outside Hubei decreased for the 14th consecutive day. Beijing publishes largest research to date on Covid-19.


17/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: mask emergency in China and the rest of the world

Chinese companies make 15 million protective masks per day, but domestic demand is between 50 and 60 million. Local and foreign companies are encouraged to provide their own protective gear. In Hong Kong, a mask costs US.40.

17/02/2020 ASIA
China, ASEAN announce first coronavirus summit

Laos will host the meeting next Thursday. Thailand has confirmed 35 cases; Japan; 518; and Singapore, 75. The Covid-19 outbreak will negative impact the city-state’s GDP. The local Catholic Church has suspended all public services indefinitely. Analysts are waiting to see whether China's ties with its neighbours will be affected by restrictions on travel and exchanges.


17/02/2020 CHINA-VATICAN
98-year-old bishop of Nanyang is the oldest patient to have recovered from coronavirus (Video)

Msgr. Zhu Baoyu fell ill on February 3, now he is out of danger. The "People's Daily" dedicated an article and a video to him. The memory of a PIME missionary.

17/02/2020 CHINA
Over 70 thousand cases of coronavirus; death toll rises to 1772. Isolation measures strengthened for Hubei

Of all those affected by the virus, 18% are in very critical condition. An international team of experts sent by the WHO is in Beijing to study ways of collaboration to contain the epidemic. Controversy over silence and delays continues. One historian: "The Chinese health system is very weak, overcrowded, inefficient, expensive and chaotic".

15/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: infections rise to 66,576, over 1,700 are doctors


Africa enters the list of continents infected with the first case found in Egypt.  The death toll is 1,524, including six doctors.  An ordinance imposing a 14-day quarantine on all those returning to the city after the Lunar New Year enters into force in Beijing.



14/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Chinese stock markets stabilize. Recovery expected by year’s end

Shanghai and Shenzhen almost recovered to pre-Lunar New Year levels. The Chinese authorities continue to inject liquidity into the system. The country's economy is expected to grow 5.5% in 2020, after a drop in the first quarter.

14/02/2020 CHINA
Chinese priest: The virus has isolated us, people are afraid

The authorities check that nobody leaves their house. Only in the past few days have those who have a job outside been allowed to leave the village. Masses and religious activities canceled until further notice by the Religious Affairs Office. A picture of daily life in a village in central China, at the heart of the coronavirus epidemic.

14/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus, 5,093 infections and 121 deaths

The confirmed cases of infection are 63,932, the victims 1,381. 6,728 people recovered from hospitals. There is still no agreed estimate of how many fell ill in Wuhan. For the WHO there have been no "dramatic increases" in coronavirus cases outside China. Vietnam isolates a village of 10,000 inhabitants.

13/02/2020 HONG KONG-CHINA
Coronavirus, the diocese of Hong Kong suspends masses to avoid contagions

Card. Tong announces special pastoral measures. The only religious activities that will not be suspended are weddings and funerals. Parishes and chapels will remain open. The changes will also affect Lent and Easter.

13/02/2020 INDIA
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes draws 200,000 who pray for coronavirus victims

Participants observed a minute's silence. The Marian shrine, which is located in the Diocese of Berhampur (Odisha), draws the faithful of all religions. “The only source of true happiness is the Lord,” says the local bishop.


13/02/2020 CHINA
Hubei, with new diagnostic criteria,death toll from the virus rises

The sharp increase in cases has important political consequences: the party leader in the province is removed and replaced. At the national level, the infections reach 59,883 and the dead are 1,368. In the rest of the world, 490 people are infected and only one person has died.

12/02/2020 CHINA
China’s small and medium-sized firms most affected by coronavirus outbreak

At least 63 million firms could close in the next three months. Hospitals and export firms also have a liquidity problem. Container traffic in Chinese ports has fallen by 20 per cent. The government has responded with expansionary measures that could however harm the banks.

12/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: 1114 dead. Wuhan hospitals lack medical supplies and oxygen

The majority of deaths (almost 96%) are in Hubei, the epicenter of the infection. The confirmed cases are 44742; suspected cases 16,067. So far the virus has spread to 24 countries, infecting 441 people and killing one. WHO gives the virus its official name: Covid-19.


11/02/2020 CHINA
China cracking down on the free information virus about the epidemic

The list of people arrested and put "in isolation" over their concern for the coronavirus is getting longer. It includes: journalist and lawyer Chen Qiushi, philosophy professor Zhou Xuanyi, activist Guo Quan, "martyred" Dr Li Wenliang, Xie Linka of the Tumour Centre of Wuhan Union Hospital, and Liu Wen of the neurology department of the Red Cross Society Hospital. Doubts are growing about the WHO, which hasn’t conducted any independent check. Western countries have isolated China, but have also kept silent about its actions.

11/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: over 1000 dead; 108 yesterday

Yesterday the deadliest day since last January. Several Wuhan health authorities resign, replaced by authorities sent from Beijing. The appearance, with a mask, of Xi Jinping. The collapse of Wuhan hospital facilities. Two other doctors suffer the same fate as Li Wenliang: silenced by the police for having raised the alarm on the epidemic.

11/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: the countries that have cut or reduced links with China

The Wuhan coronavirus epidemic has so far left over a thousand victims in China, while the number of people infected is 43,000. Outside China, the country most affected is Japan with 161 infected (of which about 140 are passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship), followed by Singapore (45), Thailand (33) and South Korea (28). In Europe and North America only a few dozen cases have occurred. There are no official confirmations of infections in Africa and Latin America. To counter the spread of the coronavirus, several governments have introduced travel restrictions to and from China.

10/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: another Sunday without mass (Photo)
10/02/2020 CHINA
Construction workers under pressure: more and more cities want their own coronavirus hospitals

The hospitals built in Wuhan in just a few days are the work of 7,000 migrant workers, who slaved away 24 hours a day underpaid. And some have become infected.

Bangladeshi students stranded in China by the coronavirus

Locked down in their universities, students have had problems finding basic necessities. The Bangladeshi government is preventing them from returning from China, whilst the country's economy is experiencing the first negative repercussions of the epidemic.

10/02/2020 CHINA
The number of coronavirus deaths rises: 97 in a single day

Official figures: 909 dead; 40235 confirmed cases; 23589 suspected cases. Sars deaths have been overtaken. The shortage of medical supplies continues. Millions of Chinese are returning to work today. In Beijing health checks for all those who return to the city. New WHO visit to China. Guo Wengui estimates 50,000 virus deaths; 1.5 million infected.

08/02/2020 CHINA
Chinese academics’ plea not to let Li Wenliang’s death be in vain

An open letter demands that 6 February, the day of the doctor's death, be ‘Freedom of Speech Day’. It also calls on the government to publicly apologise for trying to silence Li, and demands respect for the Chinese Constitution which (in theory) upholds free speech. The People's Daily is silent on police threats against Li Wenliang. The hashtag "Dr. Li Wenliang has passed away” received 670 million visitors, whilst the hashtag "Li Wenliang has passed away" received 230 million views. The death toll in China from the coronavirus now stands at 723 deaths (more than during the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak).

08/02/2020 TAIWAN
Coronavirus: exclusion from WHO harms Taiwan

Led by the US, many countries are demanding that Taiwan be accepted by the organisation. Beijing's opposition complicates Taiwanese efforts to contain the epidemic. Taipei complains that international flights to the island have been cancelled because WHO treats it as part of China.


07/02/2020 HONG KONG – CHINA
Epidemic and fear of isolation have Hong Kong supermarkets run out of stock

People have stocked up on rice, pork, chicken, fruit, vegetables, and seafood. The supply of surgical masks, rubber gloves, and disinfectants has run out. The number of coronavirus-affected cases now stands at 24. The virus is now spreading directly through local contacts unrelated with the mainland.

07/02/2020 ASIA
Coronavirus threatens Asian airlines

China is the largest air transport market after the United States. The main companies have suspended or reduced flights to Chinese airports. The carriers of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea are the most exposed to the downturn.

07/02/2020 RUSSIA
The Chinese virus infects Russia and its economy

Russian tourists repatriated from China. Their odyssey ends in a Siberian sanatorium. The drop in oil prices. Chinese imports fall; infrastructures (gas and oil pipelines) at risk; losses on payments in yuan. Apocalyptic forecasts and conspiracy theories. Silence on the number of sick people.


07/02/2020 CHINA
Online fury at death of 'everyday hero' Dr. Li Wenliang (Video)

His death, announced at 9.30pm yesterday evening, was "delayed" by the authorities until 3am. Li Wenliang had reported the epidemic as early as December, but the police silenced him by denouncing him for "fake news". Online criticism demands "freedom of expression" for the Chinese. In Wuhan there is a shortage of doctors: the sick remain without treatment for days.


06/02/2020 MYANMAR
Caritas working with government and rebels to protect Kachin IDPs from coronavirus

As a result of internal strife, 106,305 people have lived in IDP camps since 2011. Caritas is currently boosting its actions to prevent the spread of the virus to the facilities. For its national director, “the country’s Catholic community is ready to mobilise” in case of need.

06/02/2020 HONG KONG - CHINA
Mandatory quarantine for anyone from China. Catholics at Mass, but with precautions

The 14-day quarantine applies to Chinese, Hong Kong people, foreigners. The strike continues for medical personnel who want the total closure of the borders with China. A ship with 3600 passengers stranded at the Kai Tak terminal. The diocese advises the faithful not to go to mass to avoid large gatherings. It is suggested to pray at home with the bible, follow mass on television, recite the rosary. Those who go to church are asked to use masks, stay away from each other, not to sing.

06/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: Chinese stock exchanges recover. Fatal forecasts for the economy

Shenzhen and Shanghai rebounded on positive ground after central bank interventions. But experts predict problems for the real economy. Chinese GDP estimated below expectations in 2020, with devastating effects for Hong Kong and neighboring countries.

06/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus deaths increase, Party apologies

The number of victims rise to 563. Infections to 28,018; 3694 more cases in one day. Suspected cases also jump 5328 to a total of 24,702. you can get infected in 15 seconds. A newborn baby got sick 30 hours after birth. Doctors work for at least 12 consecutive hours, without breaks, without eating, without going to the bathroom because there are not enough suits to change. The Party apologizes for not having many beds available.

05/02/2020 PHILIPPINES
Coronavirus: Bishop Pabillo calls for solidarity and prayer, warns against fear

The Auxiliary Bishop of Manila releases a message on the global health emergency. “All through history,” he writes, “we have seen that plagues have been stopped not only through medical means but also through prayers and great acts of charity.”

05/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus: one-day record of infections and deaths

The number of cases in China now stands at 24,363 with 491 deaths, 74 per cent in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei and epicentre of the epidemic. Here the infection-related death rate is 4.9 per cent against 2.1 per cent nation-wide. The Communist Party acknowledges “shortcomings and deficiencies" in responding to the outbreak.

Bali denies transit to 17 East Timorese students evacuated from China

Dili had asked to quarantine them. The provincial authorities refused on the basis of considerations and contributions from various tour operators on the island. As of today, the suspension of flights to and from China enters into force.

04/02/2020 ITALY - CHINA
Italian and Chinese researchers work together on coronavirus mutations

The young researcher Domenico Benvenuto, from the Biomedical Campus of Rome, managed to discover the mutant gene that allowed the coronavirus to pass from bats to humans. The Roman university has been collaborating with Chinese scholars since the SARS epidemic. To combat the virus, quarantine and isolation are useful, racist and synophobic attitudes are useless. The young researcher was born in the same city as Giovanni da Montecorvino, first bishop of Beijing (1247-1328).

04/02/2020 VIETNAM
Vietnamese Catholics fighting the spread of coronavirus

The Bishops’ Conference issues instructions for communities across the country. The faithful are urged to pray for the victims of the disease and for doctors seeking a speedy treatment. Nine cases have been confirmed in Vietnam. The government temporarily shuts down schools.

04/02/2020 HONG KONG - CHINA
First coronavirus victim in Hong Kong. The deaths in China rise to 426

The man who died in Hong Kong had been in Wuhan on January 21st. He infected his mother, who lived with him. He already had some disease. Chief executive Carrie Lam closes almost all ports and routes of communication with China. In the country, the number of infected rises to 20,472; 23,214 cases not yet confirmed. Another 151 cases are registered in 23 countries worldwide. The Politburo admits "shortcomings and difficulties" in managing the epidemic. Macau closes casinos.

03/02/2020 CHINA
Chinese Catholics without Mass for two weeks pray at home (videos)

Official and underground bishops call on the faithful to pray and fast for the good of China. Homes have become places of unregistered religious activities. Children join in prayers. In north-eastern China, religion-inspired greetings are banned. Under house arrest since 2012, Mgr Ma Daqin posts a message online.

03/02/2020 CAMBODIA
Calm returns to Cambodia after coronavirus-induced panic

After one case has been reported in the country, people rushed to get a mask. After two days, the panic ebbed following the government’s information campaign. PIME missionary notes that Cambodians do not resent the Chinese.

03/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus outbreak: death toll rises but also the number of successfully treated patients. Chinese Red Cross caught in a storm

So far, 361 people have died, more than during the SARS outbreak. Some 475 have been released from hospitals. The confirmed cases of infection number 17,238 with another 21.558 suspected. The new Fire God hospital opens tomorrow for a thousand patients. The military is supervising the distribution of basic necessities in supermarkets. Hospitals are running out medical supplies, whilst the Red Cross is sitting on full warehouses.

03/02/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus hits Chinese stock exchanges hard

Shanghai and Shenzhen open in sharp decline after a week. Steps taken by Chinese authorities have proven insufficient to shield the economy. The Chinese tourism industry lost US$ 144 billion over the Lunar New Year holidays.

03/02/2020 INDONESIA
Indonesians evacuated from Wuhan, welcomed by protests (Video)

The returnees will spend 14 days of quarantine in a military facility on the island of Natuna. For days the local population has protested against the government plan for fear of infection. Priest: "If someone gets sick, they are treated by the army and there would be no direct contact."

03/02/2020 VATICAN-CHINA
Pope Francis donates 600,000 medical masks to China to fight the coronavirus

The masks are a gift from the Holy See and the Chinese Christian communities in Italy. Card. Konrad Krajewski, the papal almsgiver;  director of the Vatican pharmacy, Fr. Thomas Binish; Fr. Vincenzo Handuo, vice-rector of the Pontifical Urbanianum College in charge of organisation. The masks will be distributed in Hubei, Zhejiang, Fujian. China Southern Airlines took care of transporting them for free to China.

01/02/2020 CHINA - VATICAN
Chinese priest: As Christians in the midst of the Wuhan virus drama

Prayer, compassion, solidarity, while the inhabitants of Wuhan who have arrived in other cities are treated "like rats".  The story of the first week of emergency.  The pope's prayer.  Meanwhile, the number of deaths due to the infection has risen to 259;  11,823 are infected in China and 129 abroad.

01/02/2020 ASIA
Coronavirus threatens Chinese (and global) economy

The virus is already damaging consumer rates and tourism.  Economies that depend on Chinese demand are at risk.  The multinationals are evacuating the employees of the plants located in the areas affected by the epidemic.  Wuhan generates a turnover of 214 billion US dollars, approximately 1.6% of Chinese GDP.


31/01/2020 SOUTH KOREA
Seoul, the first 368 South Koreans evacuated from Wuhan

About half of the citizens who applied for evacuation.  Internally displaced persons without symptoms will have to spend 14 days in isolation inside two public provincial structures.  The authorities confirm four other cases of contagion: 11 people are infected in the country.  Popular resistance to housing the sick in quarantine facilities.


31/01/2020 CHINA
WHO: Coronavirus is an 'international health emergency'. In China the death toll rises to 213

The WHO director general says the decision "is not a vote of no confidence in China".  Concern that "the virus will spread to countries with weaker health systems".  Many countries block communications with Beijing.  Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France and the United States evacuate their compatriots.  Tang Zhihong, chief of health from Huanggang City, is fired.  The Wuhan government was too slow to respond to the first signs of an epidemic, "perhaps because of a lack of scientific knowledge" about the new type of virus, but also because of "hesitation in the decision-making process".


30/01/2020 SOUTH KOREA
Coronavirus, nobody wants South Koreans repatriated from Wuhan

Seoul is preparing to evacuate the first group of about 720 citizens from the epicenter of the emergency.  Officials and residents of Jincheon and Asan raise the barricades against their transfer to two public facilities.  The total number of infected people in South Korea has reached six.



30/01/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus now widespread throughout China: 170 deaths and 7,711 infections

The World Health Organization (WHO) meets today to discuss whether or not the virus represents a "global health crisis".  In these hours, the voluntary evacuations of hundreds of foreign citizens residing in the epicenter of the emergency are underway.



29/01/2020 CHINA
Beijing: Coronavirus overtakes SARS infection rate

The National Health Commission reports that the death toll for the virus identified as "2019-nCoV" has risen to 132. Confirmed cases of infection are 5,974.  In 2003, Sars infected 5,327 people and killed 349 in mainland China;  another 299 in Hong Kong.


29/01/2020 CHINA
Wuhan virus reveals fragility of Chinese giant

Although the government has decreed to send 150 military medics experienced with SARS and another 4,000 from other parts of the country, in Hubei (and China), there are no protective suits, goggles, hygiene masks rendering the employment of these new doctors impractical, if not putting them at risk of contagion.  Deaths rise to 132, confirmed infections are now more than 6 thousand.


28/01/2020 HONG KONG - CHINA - ASIA
Coronavirus: Hong Kong cuts links with mainland China

Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, announces seven new measures to contain the outbreak. China’s latest health crisis coincides with Lunar New Year celebrations. Tourists have been spreading the virus, causing panic in Southeast Asia.


28/01/2020 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka reports first coronavirus case, activates security measures

The first case involves a woman from China’s Hubei province who arrived on a tourist visa on 19 January. Visitors are not allowed in the country’s international airport. Two toll-free numbers provide information about the infection. Returning Sri Lankan students in China will be placed under quarantine.

28/01/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus contagion in China continues with 106 victims

4,515 The confirmed cases, almost 7 thousand await confirmation.  In just 24 hours, 1,680 more people contract the lung infection.  Another 6,000 medical staff members have been mobilized to combat the spread of the virus in Hubei province.  Foreign governments devise ways to extract their citizens from the capital of Wuhan.


27/01/2020 VIETNAM
Vietnam’s efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus still inadequate

Two confirmed cases have been reported, but 11 people are under observation. Chinese tourists have crossed the border into Vietnam for the Lunar New Year, but many have decided to stay home believing that this will limit their risk of contracting the virus. For Vietnamese and foreign experts, the country could become the second most infected.

27/01/2020 CHINA
Coronavirus, Beijing confirms 81 dead and 2,761 infections

Almost half of the infections occurred in the province of Hubei, the epicenter of the epidemic.  Hong Kong, where there are eight cases, has imposed a ban on access to those who have visited the area in the past 14 days.  Thailand is among the Asian countries with the highest number of infected people.  The virus has already reached Oceania, America and Europe.


25/01/2020 JAPAN
Tokyo confirms a third case of coronavirus infection

The patient is a 30-year-old woman from Wuhan. It is not clear whether she is Japanese or Chinese. Fearing xenophobic reactions, the authorities are maintaining maximum confidentiality about those infected. Fear hasn’t stopped lunar New Year celebrations. Yesterday thousands of people watched the Tokyo Tower lit in red to usher in the Year of the White Rat.

25/01/2020 CHINA
A doctor dies in Wuhan as the number of infected grows in China and worldwide

Dr Liang Wudong is the first victim among medical staff. As of 11 am today, some 1,326 cases of infection have been reported, 729 in Hubei alone. The death toll has risen to 41, doubling in a single day. In Guangxi, a two-year-old girl is the youngest patient. Three cases have been confirmed in France, one in Australia and one in Nepal. Hospitals are having to cope with shortage of beds.


24/01/2020 CHINA
The Wuhan virus, the pride of the rich and prayer

The origin of the virus lies in the consumption of wild animals, in particular that of "flying foxes", known as "fruit bats". For China's wealthy elite, eating rare and unusual things has become fashionable. Eight people reported the epidemic as early as January 1, but were arrested for "spreading fake news".

24/01/2020 ASIA
The Year of the Rat amid celebrations and quarantines

East Asia and Asian communities around the world are preparing for lunar New Year celebrations, which begin tomorrow. A new dangerous coronavirus outbreak is however complicating things. Other factors also bode ill for the festivities. In South Korea, many people are stressed out by the New Year. Considered the bearer of good luck for thousands of years, the rat has come to be regarded as a dangerous and disease-carrying fiend.

24/01/2020 CHINA
Wuhan hospitals on brink of collapse. Xi Jinping's silence (Video)

Infections increase. More cities quarantined in Hubei. Authorities advise people to stay at home for treatment. Hospital facilities are overcrowded and lack medicine and masks. A new hospital center for infectious diseases is being built quickly in Wuhan. The party secretary general sends greetings to the nation, Hong Kong and Macao, but no word on the epidemic.

23/01/2020 CHINA
Wuhan virus: news presenters wear masks, city government criticised

Huanggang, a city of 6 million residents, is on a lockdown. University of Hong Kong virologist Guan Yi warns the new coronavirus outbreak could be ten times worse as the 2003 SARS epidemic. So far 17 deaths have been reported out of 583 confirmed cases, 571 in China and 12 in Thailand, Korea South, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong and Macau.


23/01/2020 CHINA
Chinese virus: Wuhan, a 'ghost town'

From 10 this morning trains, buses, ferries and planes blocked. Medical checks on the roads for those who leave the city by car. Obligation to wear medical masks in public places. Hospitals are overcrowded with patients.

22/01/2020 CHINA
Chinese virus: 9 dead and 440 infected. Attempts to quarantine Wuhan

Mandatory quarantine measures to contain infections. The Wuhan city council gave indications not to leave the city except in really necessary cases. The Catholic churches of Wuhan, Hankow, Wuchang closed. All daily masses and New Year masses cancelled. New cases of infection in Macau, in the USA, in Taiwan. Criticism of Chinese health system.

21/01/2020 CHINA
Chinese virus: Beijing confirms human-to-human transmission

The fourth victim is an 89-year-old man who lived in Wuhan, the epicenter of the infection. Another 15 medical workers who treated infected patients are hospitalized with the same symptoms. Worldwide countries have airport checks on flights from China.

Chinese virus: new case in Seoul. Fears of outbreak linked to Lunar New Year

The victim is a 35-year-old woman who visited Wuhan, considered the epicenter of the infection. In addition to South Korea and China, there are infected in Japan and Thailand. Over 130 new infections and one more death in Wuhan. Infections revealed in Beijing, Shenzhen and Zhejiang. The fear of a new Sars.

18/01/2020 CHINA – ASIA
Number of infections in China greater than official figures, expert say

The mysterious new coronavirus has infected at least 1,700 people in Asia, research shows. The US issues a warning against travel in central China. Concerns have been raised about the upcoming Lunar New Year, a period with the largest mass movement in the world.

16/01/2020 JAPAN-ASIA
Tokyo reports first case of pneumonia from the Chinese epidemic. Asia on alert

The man had been in Wuhan, a city in central China where the new coronavirus originated. It is the second case discovered outside of China after the hospitalization of a woman in Thailand. Asian governments take precautions in anticipation of the Lunar New Year, when the influx of Chinese tourists will increase.

09/01/2020 CHINA
Mystery pneumonia virus similar to Sars found

The new coronavirus strain has infected so far 59 people in Wuhan, a city in central China. No deaths have been reported and eight patients have been discharged from the hospital. Researchers still have to determine which animal is the source of the virus, its incubation period and the transmission route. A vaccine may take years.

04/01/2020 CHINA
Mysterious pneumonia outbreak in China: 44 cases. Fears for a return of Sars

Authorities are trying to identify the cause of the infection.  Between 2003 and 2004, severe acute respiratory syndrome killed 349 people in mainland China and 299 others in Hong Kong.  The World Health Organization (WHO) criticized China for underestimating the number of cases.