The Year of Faith and the martyrdom of Fr Fausto Tentorio

Tens of thousands of Egyptians take to the streets a year after the massacre of Copts at Maspero
Muslims and people from the Islamic university of al-Azhar take part in the rally. Slogans are shouted against President Morsi and the military, accused of doing nothing to bring to justice those responsible for the bloodbath.
Netanyahu calls early elections to ensure Israel's security and stability
Poll is moved up from October to January 2013 after cabinet fails to reach a budget agreement with the ultra-Orthodox camp rejecting cuts to welfare and benefits. The outgoing PM is betting on his personal appeal to increase Knesset seats. It is still not clear whether Olmert will run or not; he is seen by many as the only one who could fill the leadership vacuum in the centre-left bloc.
Huawei and ZTE "a threat to United States security"
The two big telecommunications companies are suspected of being spying tools for the Beijing government and Chinese army. The companies deny the charges. May influence presidential election campaign.