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by Tran Hung | VIETNAM

Since last February, at least 2.47 million pigs have died. There is no vaccine or cure for the disease, which is not transmitted to humans. On 11 June, the outbreak reached Hồ Chi Minh City. So far, the country has lost US$ 154 million. Vietnam has the seventh largest pig population in the world (30 million animals) and is the sixth producer of pork. Pork constitutes 70 per cent of the local diet.


The Instrumentum laboris unveiled.  The possibility of ordaining married men.  Integral ecology and recognition of the role of women.  Defense of territory and human rights.


| 17/06/2019

Visiting the areas in the Archdiocese of Camerino-San Severino Marche hit by a quake, Pope Francis comforted the faithful so that they can rebuild, starting from the fact that "God remembers us". He noted that that “Three years have gone by and the risk is that, after the first emotional and media involvement, attention will fall and promises will be forgotten, increasing the frustration of those who see the area become increasingly depopulated. The Lord instead pushes us to remember, repair, rebuild, and to do so together, without ever forgetting those who suffer.” “Everyone can do some good, without waiting for others to start.” The Pope also spoke about a new Blessed and made an appeal for the Persian Gulf.

| 16/06/2019

In a video message sent to the Day for the free formation of Spanish-speaking digital missionaries, Francis urges people to go "ahead", without being afraid of tenderness.

| 14/06/2019

Meeting the leaders of the global oil industry, Francis reiterated that "catastrophic forecasts can no longer be viewed with contempt and irony". "They are the poor who suffer the worst impact of the climate crisis", they are the most vulnerable to hurricanes, droughts, floods and other extreme weather events.

| 14/06/2019

Francis gave a series of rules of behavior to the papal nuncios. He is a man of God and of the Church, attentive to the poor and to the situation of the country to which he is sent, obedient, devoted to prayer, he avoids slander, he does not criticize the Pope and he does not wear “designer clothes”, which are contrary to his witness.

| 13/06/2019

Message for the Third World Day of the Poor on the theme "The hope of the poor shall not perish forever". " Their social promotion, is not foreign to the proclamation of the Gospel. On the contrary, it manifests the realism of Christian faith and its historical validity." From the poor a "saving force".

| 13/06/2019

PIME brother Felice Tantardini, spent 69 years on a mission in Myanmar. The name given to him by his mother always pleased him, because "it expresses the ideal of my life: strive to be happy, always and at all costs, and be intent on making others happy".

| 12/06/2019

It is the first testimony that the Apostles offer, even today it is the way to be witnesses, it is in the "DNA of the Christian community", it is a victory "over the mentality that absolutizes the private space". "It is not permissible to destroy life, make it the object of experimentation or false conceptions".

| 12/06/2019

Former general Kivlan Zen, now in custody due to illegal possession of weapons. The testimonies of the suspected assassins key to arrest. Two ministers targeted, the head of intelligence, a presidential adviser and a pollster. The material mastermind behind the attempted assassination received money from Zen to buy weapons and cover expenses.

| 12/06/2019

Under new ministerial regulations, employing minors becomes a crime. On 9 March, a nine-year-old girl lost her arm in a Preah Prasap kiln. For PIME Missionary, "it is necessary to counter the idea that those who do not produce are useless to society."

| 11/06/2019
by Peter Zhao

The underground bishop, who died on 8 June, was not given a solemn funeral or acknowledged in accordance with his status as a bishop. Official priests and nuns were not allowed to attend the services. Chinese authorities are afraid of bishops even when they are dead.

| 11/06/2019
by Paul Nguyen Hung

On January 1, 2020, Vietnam will take on the rotating presidency of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The US Department of Defense defines the role of allies and partners in Washington's plan for a "free and open" region.


| 11/06/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Observers think the two will also discuss Syria, the Middle East, including Jerusalem, and perhaps even Venezuela. The Vatican is the only door truly open to Putin in the West. the Russian leader seeks a "Holy Alliance" between the Catholic Church and Russia against the "moral decay" of contemporary society. But no visit to Moscow is in the cards for the pontiff. The Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is a source of concerns.

| 11/06/2019

"The Christian life is to serve". It is to give freely what is freely received from God. "There is no relationship with God outside gratuitousness". "It pains the heart" when you find pastors who make money from the grace of God.

| 11/06/2019
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