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by Fady Noun | LEBANON

The annual Synod of Bishops ends on this disturbing note, citing "serious warnings" coming from the countries of the region and the diaspora. As a result of the exodus, Aleppo, Damascus, and the Holy Land have lost part of their population. The liturgy is an element of unity among the Maronites. The Patriarchal Auxiliary Boulos Abdel Sater is the new Archbishop of Beirut.


The conservation work now gives access to new areas of the complex, which includes a church and a monastery. For local Muslim authorities, the site is a source of pride and confirms the importance of interfaith dialogue. The site is considered a symbol of tolerance that “favours the relationship between the religions,” said For Vicar of Arabia, in the wake of Pope Francis’s visit.

| 15/06/2019

The Newman Educational Society, the educational arm of the diocese, organised the competition. Some 17,000 pupils, mostly non-Christians, study in 46 schools. For a spokesman of the Northeast Church, "Books help to pass an exam. Games, praying, doing group activities, playing music, eating together, sharing and taking care of one another help instead to pass the exam called life."

| 15/06/2019

A Punjab court convicted Shagufta Kausar and Shafqat Masih in April 2014. She is in Multan Prison, in the same cell that lodged Asia Bibi. The couple was punished for a dispute between children.

| 14/06/2019

Don Paolo speaks of an "important" presence for the Christians of the plain, who still live "a difficult situation". There is "expectation and trepidation" among the faithful, "the official date" is expected to celebrate. Barham Salih received Patriarch Sako to begin work in preparation for the visit.

| 14/06/2019

She had been jailed along with her husband and about 100 other Christians in December 2018. Another Christian, Li Xiaofeng, was also released. Both are free on bail but can be re-arrested at any time. The state of their health is unknown.

| 14/06/2019

The UN denounces police violence against protesters, activists and journalists. The June 9 elections marked by "widespread voting irregularities ". The new president announced the creation of a "special national council" open, among others, to young activists.

| 14/06/2019
by Melani Manel Perera

The Sri Lankan Navy repaired the church after a suicide bomber killed 54 people, who are already saints, according to Archbishop Ranjth. The shrine is now open from 6 am to 8 pm.

| 13/06/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

Fr Stan Swamy is an advocate for the rights of Dalits, tribal people victims of land grabs and inmates entitled to a free and fair trial. Police agents seized his computer's hard disk and changed passwords to his e-mail and Facebook accounts. Activist group slams the police for their action.

| 13/06/2019

“For every Mass, the church is packed,” said the rector and parish priest. After the ancient church in Pila became a shrine, the number of devotees has been steadily climbing. Volunteers travel everywhere in the Philippines to encourage devotion to Saint Anthony among Catholics.

| 13/06/2019
by Joseph Ha Chi-shing

For the auxiliary bishop of Hong Kong, the demands of young people are just and show they "care about society". Ongoing protests against the extradition law are the only way forward against a political system unwilling to listen.

| 13/06/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Archbishop Hyeronimus II of Greece and Metropolitan Epiphanius of Kiev gathered together in Constantinople to pray for the feast of St. Bartholomew. "Prudence" in the recognition of autocephaly. Patriarch Filaret accuses Epiphanius of "selling out authority to Constantinople".

| 13/06/2019
by Paolo Fossati

This week the 37 prelates are in the Vatican on their ad limina apostolorum pilgrimage. Even if a minority, the Indonesian Church is vibrant thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the faithful. The bishops are engaged in a "creative pastoral evangelization". Archbishop Suharyo: "Optimistic for the future of Catholics".

| 12/06/2019
by Sumon Corraya

Bhante Ucha Hla is responsible for land seizures. According to local sources, he has ties to Myanmar. His victims include the Archdiocese of Chattogram and 300 poor children hosted in two Church hostels.

| 12/06/2019
by Peter Zhao

The underground bishop, who died on 8 June, was not given a solemn funeral or acknowledged in accordance with his status as a bishop. Official priests and nuns were not allowed to attend the services. Chinese authorities are afraid of bishops even when they are dead.

| 11/06/2019
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The Myitstone dam would be the first to block the Irrawaddy River, the cradle of Myanmar civilization.  Beijing presses for the reopening of construction works.  The Kachin community is fighting to cancel the project. Card  Charles Maung ...
| 08/06/2019
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Beijing wants the law to be approved "urgently" to allow the transfer of fugitives from Hong Kong to China. However, Chinese courts are not independent, and provide no guarantees for the human rights of the accused or for his right to a fair trial. Card ...
| 07/06/2019
For the end of Ramadan, the government is opening the area to the public. This is a "political" message for a "new era". For the Auxiliary of Baghdad, security has "improved" but must be guaranteed to everyone.
| 06/06/2019
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