11/21/2014, 00.00
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Tokyo, Shinzo Abe dissolves the lower house and calls early elections

Prime Minister announces December vote, two years before the end of his mandate. The move indicates a willingness to "better explain" the economic policies of his government, which up to now seem to have failed. The country is in recession.

Tokyo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this morning dissolved Parliament, paving the way for early elections two years before the natural expiration of his term in office. Abe hopes to be re-elected, which would permit him greater economic freedom, and to get it has decided to again postpone an expected increase in trade tax.

The Japanese Parliament - known as the "National Diet" - includes the House of Councillors ("Upper house") and the House of Representatives ("Lower house"). The President of the Lower House Bunmei Ibuki announced the dissolution of the representative body, a move that invalidates the entire parliament. The decision was expected, and Abe made it clear yesterday that he will use the election campaign to "clarify his governments growth strategy".

However, a series of national polls show that the politician's popularity - considered a "hawk" on foreign policy and who fully supports the use of nuclear energy - is in sharp decline. Still, the coalition led by his Liberal Democratic Party should be able to win a majority in parliament. If this does not happen, Abe said he was ready to resign.

At the heart of this policy there are the so-called "Abenomics," the ambitious economic policies launched by the Prime Minister two years ago on the occasion of his election. In practice, they are based on an increase in government spending to jump-start the national economy, increasing consumers buying power. Despite an initial increase in the gross domestic product, however, these policies seem to have failed and today Japan is technically in recession.


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