04/14/2016, 09.19
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Monks revere Xi Jinping: A reincarnation of the Buddha

by John Ai

Some videos show religious Masters effusively praising the president, triggering online debate. One of them asks the faithful to "unite around the Party's Central Committee headed by Xi", while another supports the semi-divine nature of the leader. Without independence, religions are destined to become a political toy. The original videos.


Beijing (AsiaNews) - Official Buddhism’s admiration for President Xi Jinping seems to verge on religious veneration. Two videos posted on the social network Weibo - the Chinese equivalent of Twitter – have set off a debate in the national cyber-sphere.

One of the videos shows Master Yinguang preaching to hundreds of monks. He says, "China is a strong country with vast territory, rich resources and a large population. As long as China is strong, the world could be saved, and there is hope for Buddhism. Thus, we all practitioners of Buddhism must closely unite around the party central committee led by Xi Jinping to fulfill Xi's Chinese dream, rejuvenating China and leading the world”. The religious also encourages those present to be "monks of Mao Zedong".

This video had already been published a few months ago, but is re-trending  after the publication of a second video, this time starring Master Chin Kung. Born in 1927, he has studied Buddhism in Taiwan and preached in the United States, Singapore and Australia. The Monk is famous for his efforts to spread the religion online.

In this second video he says: " now the range of China's rejuvenation is the globe. We have a good leader, President Xi. Really lucky. I read his speeches when he visited India and several other countries. I feel really happy. He is the reincarnation of the Buddha and he devotes to the country, the national and the lives around the world, regardless himself. Therefore the world is promising".

Veneration of Xi Jinping is the latest trend in the nation. The leader has achieved a level of power that unprecedented since the death of Mao Zedong. This week even foreign newspapers such as The Economist and Time have dedicated space to the "cult of Xi". In response, China blocked their websites.

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