01/04/2012, 00.00
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Egyptian Democrats optimistic even with the Muslim Brotherhood’s victory

Social Democratic Party candidate Nady Kastor urges Liberal parties to work together in order to become the country’s second political force. The third round of voting for the lower house ends today in nine provinces. The Muslim Brotherhood is expected to win again and become Egypt’s first party with 40 per cent of the vote.
Cairo (AsiaNews) – “Liberal parties are optimistic about the future and will work to contain Islamist parties’ excessive power,” said Nady Kastor, a Social Democratic Party candidate for the lower house who spoke with AsiaNews about the third round of elections now underway in nine provinces, including Al-Ghabarbya, North Sinai and South Sinai, known Muslim Brotherhood’s strongholds. Many analysts expect the latter and Salafists, who took 60 per cent of the vote in November and December, to win again.

“People still don’t trust secularist parties and prefer the democratic proposal of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Freedom Party, Kastor said.

Nevertheless, his Social Democratic Party won about 20 per cent of the vote together with other liberal parties.

“Our goal is to become over time the country’s second largest political party,” he explained. “However, pro-democracy parties must organise and join forces to become better known in Egyptian society.”

Early results from the third phase of the elections will be made public on 7 January.

Voting for parliament’s upper house will be held on 22 February.

The ruling military council announced in December that presidential elections would take place in July. (S.C.)
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