11/24/2020, 09.52
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Beijing anticipates a more open Biden administration

The choice of Antony Blinken as Secretary of State is read in this direction. The Chinese are hoping for a change of approach after the Trump era, marked by unpredictability. The US Congress wants to maintain a hard line towards the Asian giant. The incumbent president initiates the transition process.

Washington (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A diplomat who we can talk to. This is how many Chinese analysts have viewed of Antony Blinken, chosen yesterday by President-elect Joe Biden as his Secretary of State.

Beijing regards Blinken as a pragmatic type, who will render Washington diplomacy "more predictable". In the four years of the Trump administration, relations between the two powers have deteriorated significantly. Backed by a host of anti-China "hawks", including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the current tenant of the White House has waged a trade, technological and financial war on his Asian rival.

Chinese observers believe Beijing's leadership anticipate a change of approach rather than substance from the Biden presidency. They point out that the US Congress, without distinction between Democrats and Republicans, wants to maintain a hard line towards the Asian giant.

Blinken, who has been Biden's diplomatic adviser for years, will have to take this into account, especially in trade negotiations. In July, during a meeting at the Hudson Institute, he stressed that China will have to take into account one fact: that the US and its allies together cover 50-60% of global GDP.

The designation of the future secretary of state came the day Trump instructed the relevant federal agency to begin the transition process for the settlement of the Biden administration, which will take place on January 20. So far, the tycoon has refused to acknowledge the Democratic candidate's victory in the November 3 election.

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