At the Angelus, Pope Francis explains the words used by Mary in the Magnificat: Magnify and rejoice.  "If we want our life to be happy, God must be placed first, because he alone is great".  Closeness to the peoples of South Asia affected by the monsoons.  The rosaries blessed by the Pope will be distributed to Syrian families.


| 15/08/2019

In a message published today, the pontiff expresses closeness to all those who have been touched by the tragedy and acknowledges that he does not have "pre-packaged answers". He does however reach out to the people of the city, saying "you are not alone", entrusting to Christ "our questions, our pain, our anger", urging people to look “towards the Madonna della Guardia", and calling for reconstruction in solidarity, together with the Church of Genoa.

| 13/08/2019

During the Angelus, Pope Francis suggested attitudes to "grasp God’s passage in one's life". Like pilgrims, we must “be ready with clothes tight around the hips” and keep “lights burning” to enlighten with faith "the many ‘nights’ of life". The eternal joy of heaven means that “the servants, that is, us, will no longer serve God, but God himself will put himself at our service." The pontiff cited the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions, which "impose limits on the use of force and are aimed at protecting civilians and prisoners in time of war." War and terrorism represent "the great human defeat".

| 11/08/2019

The new statutes of the Institute for the Works of Religion will be valid for two years ad experimentum. Changes were necessary to adapt them to the needs of the times and use the collaboration and responsibility of experienced lay Catholics.

| 10/08/2019

For the World Resources Institute, Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, Iran and Jordan are among the countries at risk. They use over 80 percent of their total water resources. Prolonged droughts and ever-rising temperatures are compounded by inadequate investment in wastewater reuse. Waste must be limited to avoid a catastrophe.

| 09/08/2019

At the resumption of catechesis after the summer break, Pope Francis comments on the first miracle described in the Acts of the Apostles.  The "game of looks" between the cripple, Peter and John.  The Church "place of liberation and healing".  The memory of Edith Stein and her courageous choices: "an authentic conversion to Christ", the "gift of her life against all forms of intolerance and ideological perversion".  Many pilgrims from Asia are present.



| 07/08/2019

Pope Francis wants to express his gratitude to the priests who work "in the trenches", to encourage them in joy and to praise the Lord with Mary.  The letter was born from the "pain" for the victims of abuse by members of the clergy and from that experienced by so many consecrated persons, for the "suspicion" that is also poured on them, that can generate "doubt, fear  and mistrust ".  "Brothers, let us indeed acknowledge our weaknesses, but also let Jesus transform them and send us forth anew to the mission."


| 04/08/2019

At the Angelus, Pope Francis explains the parable of the rich fool who "in practice denied God, did not reckon with Him".  "Material goods are necessary for life, but they must not be the only goal of our existence, rather a means of living honestly and sharing with those most in need".  A Hail Mary for the attacks in Texas, California and Ohio (United States).  The announcement of the Letter to Priests all over the world on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the death of the Curate of Ars.


| 04/08/2019

In the audience with the young people of the Euromoot, Pope Francis emphasizes that the starting point in life is "not having, but giving: Give, that is, start putting your life into play".  Everyone has a unique and important contribution to make to the world: the example of Mother Teresa.  "Creation has no borders ... we are in the world to meet others, to create communion".  The commitment to "a renewed Europe;  not protector of spaces, but generator of encounter".

| 03/08/2019
by Rupak Lokhande

A missionary with PIME for 15 years, he will soon leave for the West African country. His vocation developed as he searched for “something greater” and saw it realised in the mission of two Italian priests in Mumbai, Fr Antonio Grugni and Fr Carlo Torriani. He is moved by love for Africa and the richness of the faith of the Church in India.

| 02/08/2019

"We wanted,” said Cardinal Filoni,” to respond to the invitation of John Paul II who, at the beginning of the new millennium, said that Asia was going to be the vast continent to be evangelised.” “Macau,” he added, “has historically represented the ‘door’ or bridge for the mission of the Church in the East.”


| 29/07/2019

During the Angelus, Pope Francis spoke about the refugees who died off Libya, asking the international community to act "promptly and decisively, to avoid the repetition of similar tragedies and to guarantee the safety and dignity of everyone". The prayer taught by Jesus to his disciples is an invitation to put oneself "directly in communication with the Father" in "a personal relationship with Him". It is a dialogue between "father and son".

| 28/07/2019
by Yurie Miyawaki

Although no official announcement has been made, the pope is expected in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The trip might include a visit to Thailand. Catholics expect a "message for a world without war" and a meeting with Jesus.


| 25/07/2019

Message from the Vatican Dicastery for the service of integral human development. "Work, which is not only employment, but the way in which man realizes himself in society and in the world, is an essential part in determining the integral development of both the person and the community in which they live".



| 24/07/2019
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