At least 100 missiles launched overnight on Damascus and Homs. No victims so far. The attack is justified by 'evidence' of the use of chemical weapons by Damascus. Russia accuses the British secret services of staging the Douma attack. The UN Secretary General pleads with all involved to avoid the escalation of the conflict.

| 14/04/2018
| Economy

"Do I possess Christian freedom? Am I free, or am I a slave to my passions, ambitions, riches, or passing fancies? It seems like a joke, but many people are slaves to fashion! … Let us reflect on our freedom in the midst of a ‘schizophrenic’ world. It shouts ‘Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!’ but is really a slave. Let us reflect on the freedom that God gives us in Jesus.”

| 13/04/2018
| Vatican

At the end of 2017, global debt reached US$ 233 trillion dollars, or 318 per cent of world GDP. All the money pumped into the system by central banks has saved the banks but not the real economy. The monetary and financial system has reached its credibility threshold. We are on the eve of the end of an era. Our expert in political economy presents the fourth and last part of his analysis.

| 12/04/2018
| India

Witness, together with obedience and realism, were demonstrated by the apostles after the Resurrection. "Sins, compromises, fear make us forget" our first encounter with Jesus, the encounter that changed our life. "We carry a memory, but a watered down memory; it makes us become Christians but ‘rose water’ Christians.

| 12/04/2018
| Freedom of religion

Message from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue for the Buddhist festival of Vesakh. "We Buddhists and Christians, rooted in our respective ethical teachings, must work together to prevent corruption by eradicating underlying causes and removing corruption from the roots, where there is".

| 11/04/2018
| Vatican

Francis urges faithful to look up the date of baptism and celebrate it as their "second birthday", the day of their “rebirth". To baptize children because with Baptism "the Holy Spirit enters that child" that nourishes within "the Christian virtues that will then flourish".

| 11/04/2018
| Vatican
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The South Korean Church is praying for the success of the event, looking forward to "concrete" solutions to the peninsula’s problems. Hope was reborn with the Olympics. People are waiting for a message from Pope Francis.


A harsh exchange between Russia and the United States at the UN. Trump speaks of possible intervention, with the support of London and Paris. Moscow denounces the "campaign of aggression" against a sovereign state. Msgr. Georges Abou Khazen: "there are no certainties" on the Douma attack. The prayers of Christians for peace in the country.


About 158 refugee families live in the parish of Amadiya and surrounding villages. They need food, clothes, shoes, school support, kerosene. Many Christian, Yazid and Arab families returned to Mosul only to turn back. The ‘Adopt a Christian from Mosul’ campaign is ongoing.


Xi Jinping sent a highly congratulatory message. Japan and Germany issued polite words. The Observatory for Security and Cooperation in Europe criticised restrictions on fundamental freedoms. Tensions with Britain remain over the ex-spy poisoning. For Chinese scholar, as the West continues to attack Russia and China, the two will move closer.

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