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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
05/06/2015 PHILIPPINES
Filipino Church blames secularism for fundamentalism, calls for an end to shedding blood in the name of God
by Socrates B. Villegas*
The president of the Filipino bishops' conference, Mgr Villegas, sends a message to the dioceses of his country, which is “large enough an archipelago for Christians and Muslims,” and where “we have managed to live [. . .] side by side” [. . .]. For him, “It is not enough to beam at news of Pope Francis”. People have to understand his call for peace and tolerance. Those who kill in the name of God commit blasphemy and should be disavowed.
Manila (AsiaNews) – To kill in God’s name – this is one of the most painful contradictions of our time! And it has turned many away from religion. In fact, whenever news networks flash reports on the deaths even of helpless civilians and innocent...

05/06/2015 AFGHANISTAN
Kabul: four men sentenced to death for the murder of Farkhunda, a woman accused of blasphemy
The young woman was accused of burning pages from Islam’s holy book. An angry mob of hundreds attacked her after they heard charges by a local mullah. Her parents testified to her innocence. Next week, 19 police officers go on trial for failing to stop the lynching.
05/06/2015 VIETNAM – VATICAN
Saigon Redemptorists to follow Francis and renew the mission for the poor and marginalised
by Nguyen Hung
The congregation, present in Vietnam since 1921, has welcomed its new superior, who will be in office from 2015 to 2019. Fr Joseph Nguyen Ngoc Bich told AsiaNews that his focus will be on children, seniors and war veterans. The social ministry will reflect the Gospel message. Can Gio Parish welcomes its new pastor.
05/06/2015 ITALY – LAOS
After Pope Francis proclaims OMI missionary Fr Borzaga martyr, the Church of Laos celebrates
Killed by Communist guerrillas in 1960 at the age of 28 years, Fr Borzaga today is an example of faith and devotion. For Fr Castrilli, this is a “day of celebration" for missionaries and for the entire Oblate family, "particularly for young people,” a source of encouragement for a minority Church that "goes on despite difficulties."
05/06/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Christian marriage, "image" of "indissoluble" love of Christ for his Church
The sacrament of marriage is "a great act of faith and love", and also "courage" and has a "missionary dimension". "We must seriously ask ourselves: Do we, as believers and pastors really accept this unbreakable bond of the history of Christ and the Church with the history of marriage and of the human family?".

05/06/2015 KYRGYZSTAN
Kyrgyzstan’s economic crisis pushes up suicide rate
A study shows that the suicide rate in the Central Asian country jumped from 550 in 2000 to around 700. The global economic crisis is blamed for the increase. Apostolic Administrator Mgr Nikolaus Messmer agrees with the findings. The problem is especially serious among teenagers.
05/06/2015 INDIA
For social activist, the Indian government should open its eyes to the violence against religious minorities
by Nirmala Carvalho
Ram Puniyani agrees with the findings about India contained in report by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. For him, “The sense of insecurity among minorities must be overcome by giving them adequate protection and security against radical Hindu forces."
05/06/2015 MYANMAR
Peace plan at risk as three ethnic groups threaten to quit talks
The decision comes after repeated government army attacks. Military operations complicate the already "fragile" peace talks. Naypyidaw government pressuring other groups to exclude "rebel" movements. New conflict between the Burmese and Kachin leaders.
05/06/2015 NEPAL
UN: Epidemic emergency in Nepal, 1.7 million children at risk
by Christopher Sharma
The alarm is linked at the approach of the monsoon season. Tens of thousands of people are still living outdoors, exposed to rain and bad weather. Measles, which is highly contagious, is what most concerns international agencies and the World Health Organisation.
05/06/2015 INDONESIA - ISLAM
Aceh, new pro-sharia rules: males and females separated at school
by Mathias Hariyadi
Since yesterday the regency has imposed a division between the sexes in educational institutions. The measure relates to schools, colleges and universities. Travel by motorcycle between people of different sexes banned, unless there is a marital relationship. Shopkeepers banned from displaying mannequins in the window.
05/06/2015 TUNISIA - ISLAM
Huge security measures as hundreds of Jews make Djerba pilgrimage.
Representatives from France, Italy and Britain are expected to visit the Ghriba synagogue, the oldest in Africa. Tunisia refutes Netanyahu’s claim of a "concrete terrorist threat". The country wants to reboot tourism, brought to a halt by the Arab Spring uprisings and attacks by terrorists.
05/05/2015 PHILIPPINES
For missionary in Mindanao, MILF-government agreement is not perfect, but it is better than nothing
In recent months, the Filipino Congress has been discussing the Bangsamoro Basic Law, which is the cornerstone of an agreement between the government and Islamic separatist groups. For Fr D'Ambra, “It is a small step toward peace, but divisions among Muslims are a source of concern". Meanwhile, Abdul Basit Usman, a known Islamic terrorist sought since 2002, was killed yesterday.
05/05/2015 PAKISTAN
Pakistan’s religious minorities included in school textbooks
by Shafique Khokhar
History courses for grade 8, 10 and 11 students will contain references to the role Christians, Hindus and Sikhs played in building the country after independence. The successful changes to the curriculum is the work of the Pakistan Minorities Teachers' Association (PMTA). Excerpts from the first speech to the country’s Constituent Assembly by Pakistan founder Ali Jinnah, with references to freedom of religion and equality between citizens, will be included as well.
05/05/2015 SYRIA
Aleppo vicar: facility feeding Christians and Muslims counters “unimaginable” atrocities
As government and rebel forces continue to perpetrate violence, Syria’s old “peaceful mosaic” lies shattered by external forces, Mgr Abou Khazen said. However, small acts of solidarity give some hope. A nun-run facility, funded by Christians and Muslims, feeds 12,000 people a day.
05/05/2015 VATICAN
Jubilee: living mercy following the Father’s example
The calendar and list of activities associated with the Jubilee of Mercy were presented today. For the first time, a jubilee will be celebrated in all the dioceses of the world. On 3 April 2016 there will be the Jubilee of movements, associations, religious institutions; on September 4, that of charity volunteers; on 9 October, that of Marian spirituality; and April 24, that of kids. There will also be a Jubilee for inmates, which might include the presence of some inmates at St Peter. There will be no jubilee for youth because they will meet for World Youth Day in Krakow, 26-31 July.

Altri articoli
05/05/2015 VATICAN
Pope: in the face of tribulations Christians must "trust" in God, who gives hope and peace
05/05/2015 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka, Catholic mother recovers from cancer: The love of Jesus and prayer saved me by Melani Manel Perera
05/05/2015 VIETNAM
Justice and Peace: migrants, priority for the Vietnamese Church
05/05/2015 NEPAL
Nepal: Government dismisses foreign volunteers. Thousands of earthquake victims still without food by Christopher Sharma
Thailand, dozens of Rohingya buried in mass graves, four arrests by Weena Kowitwanij
Innovative and a free spirit: the (Chinese) horoscope of the Royal baby Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
05/05/2015 IRAN
Iran, Rouhani reboots secular State: Police should not impose Islamic morality
05/04/2015 BANGLADESH
Church celebrates St Mary’s Girls, a beacon on earth by Sumon Corraya
05/04/2015 INDIA
Madhya Pradesh: Government bans Christian gathering on "law and order" concerns by Nirmala Carvalho
05/04/2015 ISRAEL
Ethiopian Jews and police clash into overnight in Tel Aviv with 68 injured and 43 arrested
05/04/2015 TAIWAN
Taiwan, communication "helps deepen living experience of Gospel" by Xin Yage
05/04/2015 CHINA – TAIWAN
Xi Jinping meets KMT party leader to boost cooperation
For Burmese Cardinal, Christians must take care of the poor and marginalised on the edges of the world by Francis Khoo Thwe
05/04/2015 NEPAL
Nepal: the earthquake destroyed lives and ancient Hindu traditions by Christopher Sharma
Editor's choices
Vietnam today, 40 years after the fall of Saigon
by Lee NguyenOn 30 April 1975, North Vietnamese forces seized Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, thus ending the Vietnam War. Forty years later, the country has become a medium-size economic "tiger" in Asia and the world, a country with a capitalist economy behind a Communist facade, under a regime still bent on exerting tight social controls. There are some positive signs for the Church, but also acts of persecution, bans, and censorship, especially against bishops and priests. Yet, the country really needs the reconciliation Christians can bring to heal still present wounds and divisions.
For Chaldean Patriarch, state secularism and religious freedom are the practical response to fundamentalist barbarism
by Louis Raphael I Sako*In Beirut, Mar Sako met the leaders of the Syriac Catholic and Syriac Orthodox Churches. Together, they agreed to a major conference to discuss the situation of Christians in the Middle East. Past massacres and today's tragedies are a lesson on which to base real coexistence. Reflecting upon the issues, His Beatitude shares his thoughts with AsiaNews readers.
Top 10
04/30/2015 IRAQ – MIDDLE EAST
For Chaldean Patriarch, state secularism and religious freedom are the practical response to fundamentalist barbarism
by Louis Raphael I Sako*
05/01/2015 VIETNAM – VATICAN
Vietnam today, 40 years after the fall of Saigon
by Lee Nguyen
04/30/2015 NEPAL
Nepal, thousands of earthquake victims between life and death: Government inept and corrupt (VIDEO)
by Christopher Sharma
04/30/2015 VATICAN
For Pope Francis, the Christian identity is twofold: a history of sin and grace, and one of serving, not using others
05/01/2015 CHINA
China’s one-child policy is state violence against women and children
by Reggie Littlejohn
Filipino and Indonesian Christians celebrate Mary Jane’s reprieve. UN slams Jakarta over executions
05/01/2015 NEPAL
Kathmandu: as relief fails to arrive, survivors resort to eating dead animals and reading the Bible
by Christopher Sharma
05/01/2015 VATICAN
For the pope, the faces of hungry men and women should take centre stage at Expo
by Papa Francesco
04/30/2015 VATICAN
Pope: the blood of Christians killed for their faith urges a new era of ecumenism
05/01/2015 SINGAPORE
For Singapore archbishop, from education to health case, Catholics have built the nation’s future


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