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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
07/06/2015 VATICAN – ECUADOR
Pope in Ecuador: Synod; for what we offend or frighten us so that God “can turn into a miracle"
During Mass in Guayaquil, Francis says society’s help for the family is not “alms, but rather a genuine ‘social debt’ with respect to the institution” where love, service, help and faith are taught. As Mary did, “let us ‘do what he tells us’”.
  Guayaquil (AsiaNews) – The help society provides families is “not a type of alms, but rather a genuine ‘social debt’ with respect to the institution of the family” where love, service, help...

07/06/2015 SYRIA – HOLY LAND
For the Custody of the Holy Land, Nusra Front might be holding priest seized in Syria
Fr Dhiya Azziz, a Franciscan born in Mosul, Iraq, is missing. No contacts have been possible with him since last Saturday. According to the Custody, “Some militants of an unknown armed brigade, perhaps connected with Jabhat al-Nusra,” took him. His name now goes on the list of missing clergymen, including two bishops and Fr Paolo Dall'Oglio.
07/06/2015 BANGLADESH
Church thanks missionaries for their example of charitable economics
by Sumon Corraya
Bangladeshi Catholics celebrated the 60th anniversary of Dhaka’s Christian Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, the first member-owned financial institution founded by the missionaries of the Congregation of the Holy Cross. The financial institution provides loans to thousands of Christians in the South Asian nation. Protestants have followed its example.
07/06/2015 IRAQ – EUROPE
For Baghdad archbishop, the persecution of Christians is the product of fundamentalism and international political calculations
by Jean Benjamin Sleiman*
Some people carry out persecution; others, unseen, order it, guided by political projects that are not just the product of religious intolerance. In a speech the European Parliament, the Archbishop of Baghdad of the Latins, Mgr Sleiman, said that the violence against Christians reflects plans to break up Iraq and the Middle East. The violence must stop; Christians should become full citizens; the state should guarantee coexistence.
07/06/2015 ASIA – GREECE
Asian stock markets fall after Greek No vote and Shanghai’s share plunge
The Greek referendum hits Asia-Pacific financial markets. The greatest looser is mainland China where shares have been steadily declining for weeks. In view of the situation, Japan is ready to do its part. In Seoul, blue-chip shares drop by 2.5 per cent. Wall Street’s holiday on Friday for Independence Day adds to the uncertainties.

07/06/2015 PAKISTAN
‘Laudato sì’ coming soon in Urdu, with the help of Muslims
by Kamran Chaudhry
Translation will be the work of the Society of St. Columban for Foreign Missions, in collaboration with the Theological Institute for Laity. For their "ecological" apostolate already active in schools across the country, the missionaries want to increase cooperation with the Islamic world.
07/06/2015 VIETNAM - JAPAN
Tokyo consolidates relations with Hanoi and cooperation with Mekong nations
by Paul N. Hung
Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam are launching a three-year plan for sustainable development, environmental protection and strengthening of infrastructure. The Land of the Rising Sun will invest 6.1 billion in development aid. Spotlight also the safety at sea. Tokyo-Hanoi axis gains strength.
07/06/2015 HONG KONG - CHINA
Hong Kong, Occupy movement "will not be punished by national security"
The Territory’s former "Minister of Justice", now head of Basic Law Committee for the National People’s Congress, said that the democratic movement does not threaten the internal security of the Chinese mainland and therefore does not fall within the parameters of the new, repressive law passed by Beijing. Also exempt those who march to demand the end of communist rule: "Just people chanting slogans".
07/06/2015 THAILAND
For Chiang Mai bishop, young people are the key to evangelisation in Thailand
The country’s northernmost diocese is very promising in terms of conversions, especially among tribals seeking a better life. Housed in several Church-run facilities, thousands of young people are helped in their studies. Evangelisation includes fighting the scourge of drugs and consumerism.
07/06/2015 INDONESIA
Purwokerto: over 700 young people at diocesan youth day
by Mathias Hariyadi
Boys and girls from 24 parishes take part. Pdyd director Fr. Prasetyo describes it as a "great opportunity" to "motivate" the young people to be "agents of love and compassion." A solemn Mass celebrated by the bishop closed the four days. The next edition scheduled in 2018.
07/06/2015 HONG KONG - VATICAN
Card. Tong: "Laudato sì" moves us to speak less and do more for the environment
The bishop of Hong Kong says the Papal encyclical is an invitation to be part of the solution, and not only of the problem of the care of creation. The local Church has created an ad hoc committee with the task of identifying the most pressing environmental problems and proposing solutions.
07/06/2015 INDIA
Orissa, a Pentecostal pastor in prison on false charges of forced conversions
by Nirmala Carvalho
Charged by radical Hindus. In a year and a half he would have "attracted " 300 tribal Munda to Christianity. Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC): "The rhetoric of forced conversions to incite crimes against Christians." In 1999, Graham Staines and his two sons were killed in the same district.
07/05/2015 ECUADOR – VATICAN
In Ecuador, pope says that the Gospel holds the key to solving current challenges, excluding no one
Francis began his pastoral visit to Latin America in Quito. After Ecuador, he will travel to Bolivia and Paraguay. At the airport, Ecuadorian President Correa, the country’s bishops and a group of faithful met him. “I thank God for having allowed me to return to Latin America [. . .] the point closest to outer space” is in Ecuador. “No one, save Jesus Christ, possesses his or her own light”. If the Church turns away from Christ, it no longer bears witness.
07/04/2015 IRAN
Agreement on Iranian nuclear never been closer
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif posts message online saying agreement is close, opening new ways to address common challenges such as extremism in the Middle East.
07/04/2015 CHINA
Shanghai shares hit historical low, losing US$ 2.4 trillion in three weeks
Stocks ended the week with a six per cent loss. The government has tried to breathe new life into the market by broadening collateral, but traders remain sceptical.

Altri articoli
07/04/2015 TIBET
Tibetans around the world mark the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday
07/03/2015 VATICAN
“It is preferable that every service, even in the Church, come to an end,” says pope
07/03/2015 INDIA
Maharashtra: Hindu nationalist government cracks down on madrassas by Nirmala Carvalho
07/03/2015 BANGLADESH
Pope Francis’ Laudato si’ translated into Bangla in record time by Sumon Corraya
07/03/2015 NORTH KOREA - IRAN
Pyongyang seeks Iranian Red Crescent aid to battle drought
07/03/2015 INDONESIA
Yogyakarta: Islamists expel thousands of Christians from a scout camp because it is Ramadan by Mathias Hariyadi
07/03/2015 ASIA
2015, young people celebrate anniversaries of Taize and Brother Roger by Frère Ghislain*
07/03/2015 CHINA
Chinese firm planned to punish employees who had unscheduled children
07/03/2015 NIGERIA-ISLAM
Boko Haram militants slaughter 150 people, including Muslims
07/03/2015 JAPAN
Japan’s population drops to historic lows: a quarter over 65
07/03/2015 SYRIA
Aleppo, Islamists attack to oust Assad's troops and introduce sharia
07/02/2015 SRI LANKA
Sri Lankan activists, Tamils ​​and Buddhists together against all forms of torture by Melani Manel Perera
07/02/2015 VATICAN
Tourism offers "a billion opportunities" for sustainable development on Earth
07/02/2015 EGYPT
For Catholic Church, the Egyptian people is united in the fight against Jihadist terrorism
Editor's choices
Al Azhar and Vatican against terrorism. The ambiguity of the international community
by Bernardo CervelleraThe influential Sunni university denounces " heinous" violence of the Islamic state and demands the world defeat this group “through every possible means". Vatican: terrorism is a threat to all humanity. France claims to fight terrorism, but then sells weapons, aircraft, helicopter gunships to Saudi Arabia, which supports Islamic fundamentalism. Kuwait tolerates Salafis who support the Nusra Front and the Islamic state. Turkey against the Kurds; the United States against Iran, Russia and China.
Tunis, stop terrorism by closing fundamentalist mosquesPresident Essebsi believes unified and global strategy needed to counter terrorism. The attack in Sousse almost simultaneous with those in France, Kuwait, Somalia. Islamic State claims responsibility.
Top 10
07/03/2015 VATICAN
“It is preferable that every service, even in the Church, come to an end,” says pope
07/03/2015 INDONESIA
Yogyakarta: Islamists expel thousands of Christians from a scout camp because it is Ramadan
by Mathias Hariyadi
The ecumenism of blood and Orthodox divisions
by Fady Noun
07/02/2015 SRI LANKA
Sri Lankan activists, Tamils ​​and Buddhists together against all forms of torture
by Melani Manel Perera
06/30/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Nostra Aetate a definitive 'yes' to the Jewish roots of Christianity and irrevocable no to anti-Semitism"
07/01/2015 VIETNAM
Released from prison, Vietnamese Catholic lawyer to continue human rights fight
07/01/2015 BANGLADESH
Mgr Rozario tells Bangladesh’s Catholic physicians to care for patients’ spiritual needs
by Sumon Corraya
07/01/2015 PALESTINE
IS threatens to uproot Hamas and impose Sharia in Gaza
07/01/2015 Hong Kong – China
Hong Kong Catholics join march to demand genuine universal suffrage
by Victoria Ma
07/02/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore: Christian NGO helping Gypsy women entrepreneurs
by Kamran Chaudhry


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