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08/01/2014 TAIWAN
Gas explosion in Kaohsiung: 24 dead
by Xin Yage
There are also 270 wounded. Streets ripped apart, with huge craters, cars and people thrown into the air by the explosion. The dead include four firefighters. An eyewitness account.
Taipei (AsiaNews) - A series of gas explosions in a district of Kaohsiung, the largest city in the south of the island, has caused dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries, ripping up roads and destroying cars. As of noon today, according to...

08/01/2014 INDONESIA
Indonesian Muslims slate the "Caliphate" and ISIS: We need peace and coexistence
by Mathias Hariyadi
A video posted on YouTube by an unknown Indonesian Islamic guerrilla calls the "brothers and sisters" of Southeast Asia to join the Islamic State in Iraq and fight for the creation of a Muslim caliphate. In recent days, hundreds of people gathered to invoke “holy war." Moderate Islamic leader: "Only a fool would make such a choice, we strongly condemn these senseless actions."
08/01/2014 NORTH KOREA - CHINA
Pyongyang excommunicates China: a decadent and unprincipled country
An editorial in the official Rodong Sinmun newspaper is the latest step in the cooling of bilateral relations. The Kim regime displeased at Xi Jinping’s decision to visit South Korea first. A source on the border: "If things go wrong, so much the better for us. Government will stop trade with China and the plunder of our natural resources .Ordinary people have never benefited from these relations".
08/01/2014 INDONESIA
Moluccas, fresh fears of Muslim-Christian clashes: 4 dead, dozens of homes ablaze
by Mathias Hariyadi
In Ambon, security forces intervene in riot gear. The fear is that this is a flashback of the violence that, until 2002, divided Islamists and Protestant Christians, causing thousands of innocent deaths.
07/31/2014 TIBET - CHINA - NEPAL
Thousands of people attend 14th Shamar Rinpoche's cremation in Nepal
Despite pressure from Beijing, the Nepali government allows the funeral to take place, granting the deceased his last wishes. Kathmandu's initial refusal was due to fear of possible anti-China protests from the Tibetan community in exile, which however did not occur.

For Orthodox Church, Moscow can do what it wants in state-religion relations
Speaking about the US State Department report on international religious freedom, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations, said "We have the right to create our model."
With nearly 1,400 dead in Gaza, Netanyahu pledges to destroy every tunnel
As more rockets land in Israel today, operations continue in Gaza. Talks in Egypt about a possible truce produce little results. Re-opening the Eretz crossing to connect Gaza to the West Bank is one of the goals. The Pentagon releases new ammunitions to Israel, which has called up 86,000 reservists.
07/31/2014 INDIA
Andhra Pradesh: a new church in memory of Sister Ida, the "golden mother" of Vegavaram
by Benigna Menezes*
The diocese of Vijayawada inaugurated the place of worship, which is dedicated to Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, in the village of Chainatalanarva. Fr Raju, Sister Ida's "adoptive son", is the local parish priest. The nun spent 63 years in the service of children and lepers in India where she was among the first missionaries of the Immaculate to arrive.
Tripoli priest calls for the repatriation of Filipino workers whose lives are risk
Filipinos, who number 13,000, are targeted by Islamic extremists. For the parish priest at Mary Immaculate Church, they should be considered "war refugees", and be "evacuated by ship". Two religious congregations recall nuns in Libya because it "is risky to stay here."
Only cultural resistance can oppose brute force at work in Gaza and Mosul
by Fady Noun
Against brute force we really only have the reaffirmation of what makes us strong, namely our fierce attachment to the happy acceptance, full of life, of others - with its joys and pains - and resistance to all forms of fundamentalism, be it Sunni, Shia or Jewish.
07/31/2014 SOUTH KOREA
Korea, discovered corpse "not the Sewol owner"
Announced by a group of parliamentarians who visited the forensic laboratory for the autopsy and identification of the body (found in June) and recognized (in July) as belonging to Yoo Byung-eun. Doubts about fingerprints and the stature of the body. Experts: "Science cannot explain everything, but of course the authorities have handled the case badly." 57% of Koreans "do not trust" the government.
07/31/2014 INDIA
Madhya Pradesh: government "encourages" radical Hindus to persecute Christians
by Nirmala Carvalho
Reported to AsiaNews by Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC). In June and July there have been numerous attacks against the minority. In all cases the extremists are using the weapon of the "anti-conversion law" to threaten the faithful and Christian religious leaders.
Two Chinese activists and Pakistani Foundation among “Asian Nobel” winners
The Foundation, which assigns the Magsaysay Award, the most famous of the continent, has announced the 2014 winners: a Chinese journalist who challenges abuse of power, an environmental activist and a group of industrialists who promote women’s education in Pakistan. An Indonesian anthropologist, the director of the National Museum of Afghanistan and a Filipino teacher who works with the tribals also awarded.
07/31/2014 CHINA
Xinjiang in lock down following riots
The catalyst that sparked the violence in the province, which killed dozens of people, is still unknown. Military patrol streets and authorities shut down communications with the outside world. Formal charges of "separatism" against Ilham Tohti, a scholar who defends the Uyghur minority.
07/31/2014 ASIA
Alarm over malaria in Southeast Asia: drug-resistant parasites found
This was revealed by a British study, which urges "radical action" to prevent further spread. The parasites do not respond to artemisinins, the most powerful active ingredient used in treatment. The area most at risk is at the border between Cambodia and Thailand.

Altri articoli
07/30/2014 JAPAN
Japan's factory output falls to lowest point since 2011 tsunami
After another UN school hit, UNRWA spokesman says "no place is safe in Gaza"
07/30/2014 NEPAL
Nepal, Christians alone rush to aid of flood victims by Christopher Sharma
07/30/2014 SYRIA - ISLAM
Gregory III: "Christians and Muslims, we are each other's best guarantors"
07/30/2014 VIETNAM
Vietnam, "educational challenge" at heart of great pilgrimage to Our Lady of La Vang by JB. Vu
07/30/2014 CAMBODIA
Cambodia's last living Khmer Rouge start second trial
07/30/2014 CHINA
Official probe of former security chief Zhou Yongkang underway by Wang Zhicheng
Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines to be a "typhoon of spiritual renewal"
07/30/2014 INDIA
St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body a "treasure" for Indian society by Nirmala Carvalho
07/30/2014 INDIA - USA
John Kerry in India, to "plan" first meeting between Obama and Modi
07/30/2014 CHINA
More violence in Xinjiang: police shoot and kill "dozens of terrorists"
Gaza: as airstrikes and rocket attack resume, Netanyahu "ready for a long operation"
Pope's apostolic visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines confirmed
07/29/2014 CHINA
Beijing: Xi Jinping "almost as popular as Mao," but only in party press
Editor's choices
"Stop! I am asking you with all my heart. Stop!" says pope as he speaks out on the Middle East, Iraq and Ukraine He mentions children, victims of war, "from whom we take away the hope for a decent life," urging the parties to address "every diatribe with the tenacity of dialogue and negotiation and the power of reconciliation". As tomorrow marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, "a day of mourning," we should learn the lessons of history. The Gospel makes us know the true Jesus, the living Jesus, who speaks to the heart and is a life changer as he was for Saint Francis of Assisi. "The joy of finding the treasure of the Kingdom of God comes through, can be seen. Christians cannot hide their faith."
Saddened by "the timidity of the civilised world," Baghdad patriarch's heart bleeding "for the innocent in Iraq, Syria and Gaza" "Forget us not!" says Mar Louis Sako in a message to Card Barbarin on the occasion of the march of solidarity with Iraqi Christians, held today in Lyon.
Top 10
07/27/2014 VATICAN
"Stop! I am asking you with all my heart. Stop!" says pope as he speaks out on the Middle East, Iraq and Ukraine
07/26/2014 IRAQ - VATICAN
Saddened by "the timidity of the civilised world," Baghdad patriarch's heart bleeding "for the innocent in Iraq, Syria and Gaza"
07/28/2014 TAIWAN
Filming begins’ on Martin Scorsese epic on Christian mission in Japan
by Xin Yage
07/25/2014 KYRGYZSTAN
Bishkek: Supreme Court outlaws Ahmadis
Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines to be a "typhoon of spiritual renewal"
07/28/2014 TIBET - CHINA - NEPAL
Nepali government ready to allow the funeral of 14th Shamar Rinpoche
by Christopher Sharma
Filipino priest warns that the lives of 13,000 Filipinos in Libya are in danger
07/28/2014 JAPAN
Shock in Nagasaki after 15-year-old student kills and dismembers best friend
07/26/2014 CHINA
American Benedictine nuns help women's religious congregations in Jiangsu and Beijing
07/26/2014 VATICAN - ITALY
For pope in Caserta, we must "have the courage to say no to evil" to "attain" the Kingdom of God


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