06/14/2019, 14.08
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Pope: to digital missionaries, to say things 'with proximity' and expressing tenderness

In a video message sent to the Day for the free formation of Spanish-speaking digital missionaries, Francis urges people to go "ahead", without being afraid of tenderness.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "The problem we have today is not so much what you say or what you do not say, but how". And the important thing is "to say things with care, with closeness", expressing "tenderness," Pope Francis said  in a short video message sent to the Day for the free formation of Spanish-speaking digital missionaries.

The meeting, held in Madrid, saw the presence of "iMission" a non-profit association that brings Catholic people and institutions together that have been working on this issue since 2012 with the aim of creating a network of online missionaries  and to give them systematic training.

In the message, dedicated to the modalities of communication, Francis urged to go "ahead", adding: "And when one is able to say things with nearness and with 'care', tenderness is expressed. The tenderness of a caress, the tenderness of a serene and simple look. The tenderness of a word of encouragement, the tenderness of accompanying those who are left behind. The tenderness of those who suffer the effects of this civilization of waste. Do not be afraid of tenderness! Tenderness ennobles, tenderness is the language of God ”.

In fact, he recalled, the "Father" is presented "to the people of Israel, as" a Father carrying his child. He presents himself with an image of tenderness"."Do not be afraid of tenderness - he concluded - go ahead! Make a commitment with your heart, then yes you will go 'to say' things of truth, but not aseptic things, not proclomations, or comrpomising things, but things that build the future".

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