09/03/2018, 10.54
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Naval exercises in the Mediterranean: A Russian 'wall' to end the Islamic State

by Vladimir Rozanskij

The maneuvers deploy 26 warships and aircraft carriers, including two submarines; 34 transport and  jet aircraft, strategic missile carriers. Attempt to counter the possible maneuvers of the coalition led by the US against the positions of the war in Syria and to avoid the creation of a no-fly zone.

Moscow (AsiaNews) - Two days ago, on September 1, massive training maneuvers of the Russian Fleet and Air Force began in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean, involving ships from the North, Baltic and Black Sea fleets and the Caspian flotilla.

As reported by the Chief of Staff Vladimir Korolev, there are 26 warships and aircraft carriers, including two submarines. In addition, according to the admiral's words, at least 34 aircraft will take part in the maneuvers: navy, long-haul and war transport aircraft, carriers of strategic missiles Tu-160, anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142MK and Il- 38, Su-33 and Su-30SM fighter jets.

At present, the Russian forces in the Mediterranean count over 10 groupings, starting with the missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov". Ships and submarines loaded with "Kalibr" cruise missiles (in all an arsenal of 56 missiles) have also been deployed. The official motivation for these exercises is the provision of an overall system of defense of maritime communications, to contrast piracy and in aid of maritime units in difficulty.

The real purpose, however, is the attempt to counter the possible maneuvers of the coalition led by the US against the positions of the war in Syria, and to prevent the creation in Syria of a no-fly zone, as the Americans would like.

The maneuvers will last until 8 September, with the practical test of missile and artillery operations. It is no coincidence that Admiral Korolev stressed that "in order to ensure that the rules of international law are respected without violations, ensuring the safety of the region, the exercises were announced in good time, warning that they could constitute a danger to navigation". In this way, the Russian military groupings will not only block a possible US attack in Syria from the Mediterranean, but they would also have the possibility to organize attacks against the rebels.

Moreover, in these days the Caspian flotilla ships will prepare a new tactical maneuver called "The Wall" at sea. According to military sources, this is a special system for the construction of ships and surveillance and attack airfields, with the possibility for anti-aircraft equipment on the coast to greatly increase the ability to combat low-radar flights, including those of cruise missiles.

Thus with the "Mediterranean Wall" the Russians will therefore be destined to definitively stabilize the partition of the region after the end of the war in Syria, which foresees the final annihilation of the remaining forces of what was proposed as "the Islamic state".

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