01/05/2020, 13.42
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Pope calls on all parties to fan the flame of dialogue and self-control

Francis appeal while "the terrible air of tension is felt in many parts of the world". With his birth, Jesus he wanted to introduce us into his filial relationship with the Father, to make us capable of becoming saints in love, in response to his call.



Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Pope Francis called people to "fan the flame of dialogue and self-control and to ward off the shadow of enmity", while "the terrible air of destruction is felt in many parts of the world.  War brings only death and destruction,"  intoned the Pope after the Angelus recitation. His appeal was addressed "to all parties", without mentioning the United States and Iran to whom evidently, his thoughts were addressed.  Already yesterday, however, in a tweet Francis had said: "We must believe that the other has our own need for peace.  Peace is not achieved if one does not hope for it.  Let us ask the Lord for the gift of peace! ”.

Previously, to the 40 thousand people present in St. Peter's Square for the recital of the Angelus, Francis had spoken about the meaning of Christmas, stressing that with his birth, Jesus wanted to "introduce us into his filial relationship with the Father", to make us capable of becoming saints in love, in response to his call."  Pope Francis dedicated his reflections to the "full awareness of the meaning of the birth of Jesus", in the light of todays readings from Sacred Scripture.

Francis recalled the Gospel that "with the Prologue of St. John shows us the unsettling novelty: the eternal Word, the Son of God," became flesh "(v. 14).  Not only did he come to live among people, but he became one of the people, one of us!  After this event, we ​​no longer have only a law, an institution to guide our life, but a Person, a divine Person, Jesus, who directs our life, helps us to travel the path which He himself travelled before us".

"Saint Paul blesses God for his loving plan made in Jesus Christ (cf Eph 1: 3-6.15-18). In this plan, each of us finds his own fundamental vocation: we are predestined to be children of God through the work of Jesus Christ. For this reason the eternal Son became flesh: to introduce us into his filial relationship with the Father. So, brothers and sisters, while we continue to contemplate the wonderous symbol of the Nativity scene, today's Liturgy tells us that the Gospel of Christ is not a fairytale, a myth, an edifying story, no, it is the full revelation of God's plan for man and the world. It is a message that is both simple and grandiose, which leads us to ask ourselves: what concrete project did the Lord place in me, once again realizing his birth among us? It is the apostle Paul who suggests the answer: "[God] has chosen us [...] to be holy and immaculate before him in charity" (v. 4  )".

“Here is the meaning of Christmas.  If the Lord continues to come among us, if he continues to give us the gift of his Word, it is so that each of us can respond to this call: to become saints in love.  Holiness is belonging to God, communion with him, transparency of His infinite goodness.  Holiness is guarding the gift that God has given us.  Therefore, whoever accepts holiness as a gift of grace cannot fail to translate it into concrete action in everyday life, in the encounter with others.  And this charity, this mercy towards our neighbor, a reflection of God's love, at the same time purifies our heart and disposes us to forgiveness, making us 'immaculate' day after day, not in the sense of removing a stain, but in the sense that God enters us ".  "May the Virgin Mary help us to welcome with joy and gratitude the divine plan of love made in Jesus Christ".

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