11/20/2014, 00.00
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Occupy Central supporters arrested in mainland China

The Chinese government detained almost a hundred activists and citizens last month for expressing support for Hong Kong's democratic struggle. Now it is putting them on trial for "creating a disturbance" or "inciting subversion of state power". The "guilty" face up to five years in prison.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - The authorities in the southern province of Guangdong have issued a formal arrest warrant for Wang Mo, a Guangzhou activist who was taken into custody by police on 3 October for "inciting subversion of state power" during a raid ordered by the government to stop shows of solidarity towards Hong Kong's democratic struggle.

Wang has now been placed under formal arrest. His family was notified on 17 November.

The police filed similar charges against Su Changlan and Sun Feng. Both were arrested during raids ordered by the central government.

If convicted, all three could get up to five years in prison. However, the penalty could be doubled if the court decides that they were the "ringleaders" in similar crimes committed by other activists.

Article 105 of the Penal Code of the People's Republic of China is currently the government's weapon of choice against freedom of thought.

Based on this article, Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo as well as dissident Liu Xianbin, Chen Wei and Chen Xi received long prison sentences.


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